Top 10 Best Rowing Machines Reviews

If you desire to stay fit and healthy but could not do your work out in a gym because of lack of time or busy schedules, then you can still achieve your aim by using ergometer or indoor rower which is the perfect solution for you. These are rowing machines that can be in your home. These call-for-action machines are designed to help you train and workout your body muscles as well as stimulate actions and movements in an effective way. Since these are home used machines, there is no need to worry about going to a gym for a work out. Indoor water rowing machines are internationally certified, and professional rowers also make use of this machine during their training. Rowing machine would be the perfect machine for newbies to start with.

Best Rowing machine

The best rowing machines in the following are latest innovations designed with modern technology; therefore, you can also use it to monitor all your workout activities as it offers a good data analysis about your stamina as well. The following top 10 best rowing machines listed in this review function effectively, and are also affordable.

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

best rowing machineThis is a masterpiece rower that allows you to work out your full body effectively. This machine is designed with the PM5 “performance monitor 5”. It has an adjustable monitor arm that ensures that you get a low impact work out. Its monitor can provide various sets of data that are accurate in every row. This machine minimizes its vibration and noise through the flywheel and ensures a smooth and stable session. The handle features an ergonomic design, 14’’ seat height, adjustable footrests and nickel plated chain. This rowing machine is built to be compact and requires a small storage space because it is designed to be dismantled into two parts without any stress. It also comes with a 5-year warranty makes it stand out.

2. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Stamina-Body-Glider-Rowing-MachineA good exercising machine should have the capacity to show a detailed date of your workouts. This ergometer machine has a footprint size of 23.5 x 43 inches and built to be portable and designed to be folded to ensure that it can fit into any small storage space. Built with an adjustable gas shock resistance feature to reduce the vibration and increase the usage comfort ability. The frame of the rowing machine is made of strong stainless steel to ensure durability and the load bearing capacity. To add, the monitor of this ergometer machine shows the stroke count, time, and the amount of calories that is burnt during the exercise.

3. WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

WaterRower-Natural-Machine-Ash-S4This luxurious and elegant looking design indoor rowing machine is a handcraft made from ash wood and honey oak. Its flywheel is placed inside a water compartment which makes this machine special and important. And this water flywheel technique makes it noiseless and also ensures the users get a smooth movement. It does not give room for unnecessary vibration and provide real water resistance system. It is designed with the new innovative monitor that gives the workout intensity, stroke rate and also the heart rate. This rowing machine weighs only 117 pounds, lighter than any other machines and can be stored anywhere.

4. First Degree Fitness Newport AR Rower Water Rower Exercise Machine

First-Degree-Fitness-Fluid-RowerThis Newport AR rowing machine is introduced by First Degree Fitness. The rower is built with today’s technology to give users a new indoor rowing experience. It has a water flywheel that ensures the machine is free from vibration and also makes it easy to replicate the same simulations of water rowing. This machine allows users to adjust the level of water inside the flywheel compartment to change the resistance. It is designed to take a small storage space with a, length of 20.9 inches, 77.8 inches wide and supports weight of up to 300 lbs. Also, you will get a warranty from the manufacturer when you purchase this machine.

5. Rowing Machine with 12 Adjustable Resistance by Sunny Health & Fitness

Adjustable-Resistance-Sunny-Health-FitnessSF RW1205 is designed to help user with their indoor exercises; this rowing machine is built in a simple style yet very effective to help users work out body muscle. It gives the user the chance to adjust the resistant the way a user prefers to and has at least 12 different resistant settings. Both the seat and the foot plate of the machine are made to be comfortable to ensure movements are smooth. The foot straps are adjustable and pivot foot plates also allow free movement of the pedals. The rowing machine is designed with a monitor that shows the total time, counts and amount of calories burnt.

6. Kettler Home Exercise/Fitness Equipment: Favorit Rowing Machine

Kettler-Home-Exercise-Fitness-EquipmentThis indoor fitness device is built with double heavy-duty hydraulic pistons to give the user a perfect resistant when working out. It is easy to adjust the resistance by changing the positions of the clamps. The wide range of adjustable resistance ensures that every user can use the machine with your preferred resistance setting. The ergo-meter foot plates are designed to correct bio-mechanical principles and ensure that the longitudinal movements are well balanced. Also, has a LCD display that shows the stroke rate, time, distance, frequency at the same time. It has the capacity to measure the user pulse rate with its inbuilt infrared sensor and can withstand up to 285 lbs.

7. LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine

LifeSpan-RW1000-Indoor-Rowing-MachineLifeSpan RW1000 is designed with a drive system that utilizes the eddy currents, ensuring that the output motions are noise free and smooth. With dimensions 90 x 18.5 x 23 inches, the frame is built with heavy duty steel. This ergo-meter can be easily folded and stored in a small space. The flywheel weighs 16.5 pounds ensuring movements stability. It has three LCD displays that show the strokes per minute, the time, strokes and the burnt calories. This ergometer can withstand weight up to 300 pounds and has a five-year warranty. To crown it, in 2008, LifeSpan RW1000 won the Gear Award seal of Excellence.

8. H2O Fitness RX-750 ProRower Home Series Water Rowing Machine

Fitness-RX-750-ProRower-Rowing-MachineThis rowing machine has a hydro-power system that enable you get a perfect and accurate feeling of a water rowing. The flywheel is designed to sit inside a compartment of water and the tanks are built with poly-carbonate. The tank is transparent which allows you to see the level of water adjustment and the preferable movement resistant you want. The internal system has paddles copy the exact movements of professional water rowing in reality. It has a simple display that shows the time, distance, the amount of calories burnt and the strokes. The ergo-meter handle is easy to grip making it very comfortable and the foot plates can be adjusted as well. It has the dimensions of 78 x 20 x 22 inches and can be folded and easily stored. The rowing machine frame comes with a lifetime warranty once you purchase it.

9. Proform 440R Rower

ProForm-PFRW3914-440R-RowerThis rowing machine is another efficient, effective, and sophisticated home water rower that is uniquely designed to save space anywhere it is placed. It is built with a double action innovation that is perfect for strength training, which makes it possible to also be used by for professional water rowers as a training machine. The footplates are bio-mechanically made to make sure that comfort is achieved during use and the pedals are large enough to ensure they don’t slip off the leg when working. The footplates can be adjusted and it has a nylon foot straps that can also be adjusted by the user. The frame is made from a durable steel material that can withstand any shock and vibration.

10. Marcy NS-40503RW Rowing Machine

Marcy-Rowing-Machine-NS-40503RW-PresetIf you desire burn calories fast and still stay healthy and fit, this magnet powered ergo-meter is the perfect solution for you. With eight different resistance levels, the levels of magnetism of the rower can be changed. This ensures that user can freely adjust their preferred resistance level by using the rowing machine knob. It is built with LCD display that can display strokes, time, amount of burnt calories, and distance; it’s a multi-angle feature that enables the user to track the complete movements activity. The rowing machine can be folded and packed; it also saves space. The in-built wheels make it easier for the user to move the machine easily. The pedals of the rowing machine are well structured to be slip off resistance and the adjustable foot straps are well designed to provide comfort.

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