Popcorn Buyer’s Guide Checklist

best popcorn machineFinding the best popcorn machine can be quite confusing and overwhelming. With such a varied range of types and models it helps to conduct a little research into the available options.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when seeking the best popcorn machine:

Get the right wattage

The popcorn machine with the higher wattage will of course provide the fastest popping times. Wattage of 640 or more is a practical choice for those in search of faster cooking times. But, a lower wattage unit is still an acceptable choice for those not planning to make the regular batches of popcorn. The most efficient popcorn machine can have up to 860 watts. They are useful for a large gathering or the fastest possible cooking times.

Is the large kettle the best?

The size of the popcorn machine is usually related to the size of the family. So, it makes sense to investigate the size of the kettle to see wish model is most practical for the needs. The large kettle will of course produce the greater volume of popcorn. But, it is still important to consider more than just the size of the appliance. Other issues to consider include the customer service, manuals, warranties, etc.

High-quality materials

The most resilient popcorn machines are made with premium-grade steel and tempered glass. This construction is harder-wearing than alternatives and less likely to be impacted by warping or scratching. For long-term performance, the unit with metal gears is favored. But beware; many of the manufacturers go with the cheaper option of plastic. Plenty of machines look much the same, but can vary drastically with closer inspection. Low-quality materials are certain to impact the durability and longevity of the unit.

How much to invest

Owning a decent quality popcorn machine needn’t be expensive. There are plenty of reasonably priced models that produce the delicious tasting popcorn. Try to research the market to see what is available and if necessary wait for times of sales. Also, make sure to read customer reviews to get a better appreciation of what is on offer.

Go with a warranty

A further consideration is the type and length of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Make sure to buy from a reputable company to ensure a warranty is honored at the time of need. It helps to look for warranties that are more specific and give details. For instance, a warranty may state 3-year coverage of the machine, but limited to 30-days on the light and kettle.

Is a heat lamp and built-in warming deck useful?

The best popcorn machines have a built-in warming deck. A practical benefit of this deck is to keep the corn crisp and warm, and avoids issues with the popcorn turning chewy. The warming deck combined with a light/lamp has the potential to keep the corn fresh for literally hours.

Ease of buying online and high-quality packaging

The high-end popcorn machines are well packaged and include the strong double-walled cardboard boxes. The ability to buy online is certain to be convenient and gives the most extensive product range to choose from. Also, make sure the delivery company used is respected and reliable.

Preparing the Movie Theatre Quality Popcorn at home

For the true movie night experience, you really want to have a large bowl of fresh and delicious popcorn. The best popcorn can readily be prepared at home and is free of the additives often seen in the commercial alternatives. With the right techniques and high-quality kernels, there is no need to settle for second best. You can buy a theater style popcorn popper.

Enjoying the great popcorn

The person that thought up the idea of heating up corn kernels is certainly a mastermind. However, the plain popcorn isn’t the best tasting and can at times feel like chewing cardboard. For someone content with plain popcorn, this is easily prepared with a 20g packet of popcorn heated in a microwave for two minutes. While this may give a delightful smell of warm, fresh corn, it isn’t comparable to the movie theater quality popcorn.

Added ingredients

The popcorn bought at the local multiplex is certain to be filled with added ingredients, which even includes dyes. This creates distinct yellow color that may not be possible to replicate at home, but still possible to achieve the taste with the perfect combination of salt and butter.

Cooking the kernels

The method to cook-up a delicious bowl of microwave popcorn is relatively straightforward. Take a microwaveable bowl and add ¼ Cup of popcorn kernels and 30ml of coconut oil. Place a lid on the bowl to hold in the steam – but make sure it isn’t airtight to stop the bowl exploding.

Heat the kernels for a period of 2-3 minutes or earlier if the popping noise starts to slow down. Avoid leaving the bowl in the microwave after the popping stops. Any longer means the popcorn is being burnt.

Use the right butter

The preferred choice is clarified butter. Regular store-bought salted butter can quickly make the fresh popcorn go soggy. To avoid this it helps to clarify the butter. This is achieved by melting 1 or 2 tbsp of salted butter. This process is used to separate the milk solids, clarified butter and water.

Remove the water that has floated to the top. This leaves the clarified butter that is ready to pour over the popcorn. The bottom of the bowl may also contain white milk solids which should be discarded.

The special ingredient

Regular table salt is a popular choice to add to your popcorn. However, the most favorable taste comes from the specially formulated popcorn salt. It is widely available in store and online and puts you in a better position to recreate the movie popcorn.

Having a wonderful movie night

Cooking up the fresh, delicious popcorn is certain to make things more enjoyable come movie night. With the right know-how and ingredients, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in created the perfect substitute to eat at home.

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