Is Mouse Poison the Most Effective Method to Eradicate Rodents?

The use of mouse poison is one of the most popular methods of eliminating mice or other rodents in the home or surrounding area. But, poison isn’t always seen as the practical method.

Concerns with using mouse poison

One of the major issues with using mouse poison is the risk to humans, pets, or other wildlife. Extra caution is necessary in homes with children, farm animals, family pets, or nearby wildlife. Even the most careful adult can experience accidental contact.

While the poison has the potential to kill the mice or other rodents, there is still the job of having to dispose of the remains. If the mouse has made its home in a wall or ceiling space, there is a great risk of it dying there. This can lead to a foul smell that may need part of a wall removed to eliminate it.

Rodents are host to a variety of diseases which have the potential to transfer to humans in the process of disposing of the dead bodies.

Is there a better method to eradicate mice?

Earthkind-Botanical-Rodent-Repellent Fresh CabA great solution to a mice problem is Fresh Cab® which is a type of bio-based rodent repellent. It has the ability to remove the pests without actually killing them. It simply encourages the rodents to leave the area and take up residence elsewhere. This means no dead mice or other rodents to contend with. Fresh Cab® does no harm to humans or animals and has a quite pleasant smell.

How does it work?

Fresh Cab® is created using botanical ingredients. Each pouch is filled with herbal extracts, plants and corn cob chips. This combined ingredient has a natural odor that is appealing to humans, but quite distasteful to rodents. Any rodents within reach of the pouch will soon up sticks and move on, while also encouraging others not to enter the area.

Can I be sure Fresh Cab® is effective?

The manufacturer of Fresh Cab, earthkind® has sent the product for numerous independent trials. The results of the third-party test indicated this product is effective and works. In fact, it is listed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the only rodent repellent given approval for inside use. Plus, the USDA has given it the Green Seal of Approval, while the product is also endorsed by the National Home and Garden Club.

On average, 90% of Fresh Cab® users return as repeat customers (many of the remaining 10% only have a single occurrence). This high percentage rating indicates that Fresh Cab customers find this product to be highly effective.

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