How to Clean a Brita Water Pitcher

brita-everyday-water-pitcher-filterOne of the reasons to clean a Brita Water Pitcher is to make sure it is well-maintained. This article will give you a clear idea on what you should do to clean this device and ensure it will be properly maintained.

A water pitcher or water filter has become an important device to use due to the increasing levels of pollution.

There will be a time when more people will use these systems for their home. These systems are ideal for you if the water supply at home has a high level of contamination. It allows you to remove them and make your water safe to drink.

Cleaning a Brita Water Pitcher

Soap and water are the main components you can use for cleaning. This is also considered as a type of cleanser. Aside from the exterior, you should also clean the interior of a Brita Water Pitcher. After cleaning it, you should rinse it using regular water.

Rinsing is an important part since it allows you to remove any soap residue in the pitcher. The following is the procedure you should follow to clean the Brita Water Pitcher.

  1. The first thing you should do is to take out the filter. Set aside this part since you are going to use it after cleaning it. But, you should replace the filter if it has treated nearly forty gallons of water.
  2. After this, it is time to clean the pitcher itself. You will need a liquid cleanser for this step. It consists of a mild detergent mixed with warm water. You should continue to mix this solution until a suitable among of foam is formed.
  3. When you clean the interior and exterior of the unit, you should use a sponge for the cleanser.
  4. Once the unit is cleaned using the sponge, you can rinse of the soap. You can use a soft cloth moistened with clean water to remove the residue.
  5. After the residue is gone, you can dry the unit along with its lid.
  6. Air drying is the best way to remove excess moisture from the unit. This allows you to remove all the moisture from the water pitcher.
  7. Once it is dry, you can put back the lid as well as the filter.

The preceding steps allow you to make sure the water pitcher is clean. You can follow the steps to properly maintain the device.

We hope you appreciated the article “Cleaning a Brita Water Pitcher.” It was made mainly to help you properly maintain this device. You can share this article to your family and friends in case they have their own water pitcher at home. It may also prove useful for them.

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