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best wood protectorOne way to protect wood is to paint or varnish it. Wood is easily affected by any type of weather. Its natural beauty can be easily destroyed by harsh weather conditions, especially if it is not protected. But, it may have an effect on the aesthetic appeal of untreated wood, which shows much of its natural beauty. This situation normally affects exterior wood projects, including fences, cedar shake shingles, and decks.

Wood normally dries up when expose to the heat of the sun. This issue is more problematic than water exposure. There are some wood types that can withstand water damage. But, all types of wood are affected by heat from the sun. They typically dry up when exposed to these elements.

Since dry wood is more brittle, they can be easily damaged when exposed to hail, wind, heavy rain, as well as falling objects. This can result to splintering, which is dangerous for the people in the house.

But, you may not need to varnish or paint wood to prevent damage from the sun and heat. You can make use of a wood protector. These are oil-based products used in moisturizing wood and sealing it so it can hold in moisture. Wooden decks, fences, and shingles can last longer with the application of wood protector. They will also resist cracking and splintering. It is a cost-effective way of protecting wood without having to replace them.

These products also waterproof wood and prevent them from being damaged by water. Some products are also capable of preventing insect infestation. They prevent termites and wood-eating insects from targeting the wood.

These products are applied using airless paint sprayers. They can also be rolled or brushed into the wood. Airless sprayers are typically used to save time in applying them. While it is not necessary to neatly apply them, you should avoid over-spraying them

While some wood protectors are slightly tinted, many are transparent. But, they may have an effect on the color of the wood. The natural wetting action when they are applied on the wood makes the wood darker. They essentially bring out the beauty and natural grain of the wood.

Best Wood Protector

If you are just looking for the best wood protector, the following best wood protectors were selected carefully, based on their safety, ease of use, overal performace, prices, ratings and customer reviews.

BOND DISTRIBUTING LTD 00400 Brown Wood Stain/Sealer

DISTRIBUTING-00400-Brown-Stain-SealerThe BOND DISTRIBUTING LTD 00400 Brown Wood Stain/Sealer is unique since it is neither oil-based nor water-based. It is made of acrylic resin and is UV cured. The resin soaks into the wood when it is applied. It bonds with the fibers of the wood. While the product is drying, there are no instances of out-gassing. It also does not have any VOCs. But, it may take up to two days of sunshine for the curing process to be completed. Due to this, it is important to monitor the weather before you apply it. It can be used on both old wood and new wood. But, existing wood stains and paint should be removed before it is applied. Even as the color may fade after some time, the wood protection can last up to seven years.

THOMPSONS WATERSEAL 21802 1.2-Gallon VOC Wood Protector

THOMPSONS-WATERSEAL-21802-1-2-Gallon-ProtectorThe THOMPSONS WATERSEAL 21802 1.2-Gallon VOC Wood Protector offers excellent results when it comes to protecting wood. This oil-based product soaks into the wood and offers a three-way protection. It provides water-proofing to the wood to protect it from moisture. It also protects it against mildew and rot. Lastly, it features a UV absorber to slow down fading due to sunlight. It also protects wood from cracking and drying up. The product is available in different colors. It can be sued on different types of wood, including stained, painted or weathered wood. You can also use oil-based paints and stains over the product.

OLYMPIC/PPG ARCHITECTURAL FIN 56400A/01 Clear Max Water Sealer

OLYMPIC-PPG-ARCHITECTURAL-FIN-56400AThe OLYMPIC/PPG ARCHITECTURAL FIN 56400A/01 Clear Max Water Sealer is an oil-based product that offers similar protection as the Water Seal from Thompsons. While it is available in tinted versions, it also has a clear version that is capable of inhibiting UV rays. This version is better compared to the tinted versions. In addition, it can protect against the formation of algae, mildew, and mold. The scuffguard formula also protects against discoloration due to scraping and scuffing. It can provide protection against graying and water damage for at least two years for decks. The same protection is available for sidings and fences for three years. The product is also VOC compliant.

Preserva-Wood Penetrating Oil Stain And Sealer Clear 5 Gl

The Preserva-Wood Penetrating Oil Stain And Sealer Clear 5 Gl does not only preserve wood, it also designed to restore weathered wood. It is an organic formula, which means it has no corrosives, bleaches, or acids. The product combines oil and resin in penetrating wood cell structures. It restores these cells as well as the wood surface. After the wood is treated, it looks new again. The product goes into the cells of the wood, which means it does not chip or peel. It is capable of preventing the growth of algae, mold, and mildew. The product can also prevent warping and splitting of wood.

Rust-Oleum 01901 Coppercoat Wood Preservative, 0.88-Gallon

Rust-Oleum-01901-Coppercoat-Preservative-0-88-GallonThe Rust-Oleum 01901 Coppercoat Wood Preservative, 0.88-Gallon is a different type of product. It is intended mainly to protect against insect infestation, particularly termites. While the green tint hints of being pressure treated, this is not the case. The copper oxide on the product causes the green color on the wood. It protects wood from decay and rot, which is what these types of products do. The effectiveness of the product increases when it is applied before the wood is put into the ground.

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