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If you need to offer your whole house clean water, you really need a whole house water filter that is installed at the entry of your house. Once it is installed, when you open any water faucet in your house, you can get clean filtered water. Of course, it is highly recommended to test your water first to find what types of contaminants are in your water. This is very important, because this can determine which types of whole house water filters you can choose. And you need to choose accordingly, because different water filters have different abilities to purify water. If you test your water, you may find there are so many contaminants, such as chemicals, heavy metals, etc. This doesn’t mean the local water company has not purified water. Maybe tap water from the local water treatment company is good quality, but it is polluted again due to the old plumbing system or faucet. You know there is a long distance between the water company and our house. God knows what happens during the transportation. Therefore, it is necessary to have such a whole house water to purify our water and this can reduce the risk of many water borne diseases that may be caused by these harmful pollutants in our water. A whole house water filter means we have enough water to drink, cook and wash. And once it is installed, you may not need to install other point of use water filters, like faucet water filters, shower water filters, under sink water filters, countertop water filters, etc.

On the market, whole house water filtration systems come in many types and styles. And we need to know whether it can do the best for our family and how to choose the best one.

What is a whole house water filter?

Unlike other types of water filters, a whole house water filter is a water filtration system which can offer you clean, purified water throughout your whole house. Once you turn on any faucet in your house, the water running out of your faucet is filtered water. This is because your whole house water filter is just installed at the entrance of your water supply system. Therefore, a whole house water filtration system can enable you to have filtered water throughout your house. Filtered water also can be used in your garden. For example, you can connect your filtered water to the sprinkler system to water your flowers and other plants. And your garden hose can also be connected to the purified water for easy accessing to clean water in your garden.

Before deciding to buy one, you really need to know which types of pollutants present in your water. Pollutants, like chemicals, chlorine, iron and sediments are widely existed in our tap water. And because of toxic feature of these contaminates, we really need a water filtration system to get rid of them. Well water is also not pure as it seems. If you need a filter to purify your well water, you really need to understand what you plan to use a filter to remove from your well water. If you feel uncertain, you can ask some help from the manufacturers. They may recommend you some of the best filters that can satisfy your requirements. And you also need to remember only the suitable filters are the best.

A water softener Vs a whole house water filter?

Actually, they are different. A water softener is used to make your water soft by replacing or removing some minerals. If your tap or well water is hard, you need a water softener to soften it. However, a water softener cannot remove or reduce other types of pollutants, like heavy metal, bacteria, virus, etc. On the contrary, a whole house water filter is used to reduce or remove contaminants in your water. And more stages of water filtration mean it can remove more types of contaminants.

Best whole house water filter

Before choosing a whole house water filter, reading some whole house water filter reviews can help you make a wise decision. This is because you can know its pros and cons quickly. And we’ve compiled this list of the best whole house water filters for you to choose from.

1.Watts WH-LD Premier Whole House Filter System

best whole house water filterThis is really a cheap option and it is one of the most popular whole house water filters on Amazon. Although it is inexpensive, it is also certified by NSF. If you need a filter to reduce rust, dirt and sediment in your water, it is the best. And it is easy to install thanks to its built-in by-pass valve, stainless steel inserts and a wrench included. Plus, it also includes 3 additional replacement water filters, making it more cost-effective. Chemicals, as well as sediments are harmful to our carbon filters, water softener and plumbing fixtures. If you have a water softener installed and your water is dirty, this filter can really help. Watts is a famous manufacturer you can rely on, because it has more than 130 years of industry experience. This Watts whole house water filter can remove sediments and specific chemicals in our water.

2.Culligan HF-360A Whole House Filter

culligan-hf-360a-sediment-cartridge-includedCulligan also has a long history of designing and manufacturing high quality water filter. This water filter is so versatile and can be used as an inline water filter, a whole filter or an under sink filter. Thanks to this special shut-off valve, the replacement becomes pretty easy. This Culligan water filter can be used to protect our washing machines, water heaters, fixtures, faucets, as well as other home appliances that use water to work. In a word, the more pure water can extend their lives. Plus, this one also comes with a 5-year warranty.

3. 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Replacement Water Filter – Model AP917HD

3m-aqua-pure-whole-filtration-systemThe previous two units are basic filters. If you need a full-functional whole house water filter, this one can satisfy your requirements. This one comes with many advanced features. This is made of stainless steel and it also includes a carbon filter media which can effectively reduce bad taste and odor caused by chlorine in our tap water. The water flow is also pretty good. It can offer you about 20 gallons of water per minute. This system is effective to reduce chlorine, rust, as well as other types of chemicals. This one is a perfect choice for those who want to protect their water-based home appliances and fixtures in their houses. Of course, because of its advance features and abilities, it is a little expensive. However, it deserves to have.

4. Aquasana 6-Year, 600,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter

aquasana-6-year-gallon-whole-filterThis Aquasana EQ-600 whole house water filter is also one of the best and popular whole house water filters on the market. Similar to Aqua-Pure AP903, it is also a full-functional filter. This system can offer up to 600,0000 gallons of water without changing its filters and up to 97% of chlorine in the water can effective removed. Plus, it also comes with a 3-year warranty. From customer reviews, many customers think it is so good and can work flawlessly.

5. Premium Whole House Water Filter System

This filter is a high-rated whole house water filter, up to 5 stars. Of course, it is also very expensive. If you buy it off line, it may cost you about $1,000. However, if you buy it on line, the price can be low for $749. It is estimated that this one can work for 5 years without changing its filters. Inexpensive filters need to be changed their filters every from 6 months to 1 year. This one can be installed outside. Both tap water and well water can be purified by this water filter.

6.Pure Earth Whole House Water Filter

This Pure Earth Whole House water filter is also a valuable choice. You can buy it online only for $899. If you buy this system in a local store, the price can be up to $1499. It is compatible with both tap water and well water. However, this cannot be installed outside. When you plan to buy this, pay attention to this. Although the initial price seems very high, the running cost is very low in the long run. You only need to pay $1 per day, and this means you can easily access pure water throughout your whole house. This one can help reduce or remove a wide range of contaminants, resulting in lowering the risk of many waterborne diseases and even cancer.

Buying Guide for the Whole House Water Filter

What are the types of whole house water filter systems?

The purpose of the whole house water filtration system is to get rid of impurities from water dispensed in the laundry, baths and sinks. Most units connect to the main water line in your home and this takes place before splitting into the hot water supply line. The best units are highly effective at removing contaminants from the water before it leaves the faucet or other points.

The most popular whole house filtration systems include:

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters – referred to as carbon block or carbon activated – are built to reduce noticeable smells and eliminate large sediments to produce the crisp, clean water. Many of the top rated filters make use of this type of filter to cleanse the water of contaminants. A reason for this is the fact they are highly effective and generally easy to maintain.

Reverse Osmosis

The reverse osmosis system is listed among the most effective, but certain models can be quite expensive. This type of filtration system relies on a pre-filter to capture larger sediments, and then puts its RO technology to use to remove the build up of contaminants. The best reverse osmosis system has the ability to cleanse the water of contaminants rated at 0.001 microns in size.

Alkaline Water Ionizers

The Alkaline water filter makes use of an electrolysis based system to tackle hard water issues to leave the soft water in the home. Many systems include the alkaline ionizers as an extra feature to give the more complete service.

UV Filters

A new and highly efficient entry to the market is the UV filters. This filter relies on ultraviolet radiation to remove microorganisms from the water, such as viruses and bacteria.

Infrared Filters

The infrared filters are a practical choice to soften water – much like the alkaline ionizers. They make full use of light and heat based technology to create better, more acidic tasting water.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best whole house water filter, our reviews may offer you some options. We strongly recommended buying a full-functional whole house water filter which means longer lifespan and superb ability to purify water.

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