Best White Noise Machine Reviews

White noise machines can cover any noise created by a snoring bedmate, traffic, loud neighbor, construction work, and anything else that can interrupt your concentration or sleep. It makes your surroundings peaceful. It is perfect for the home, office, or a hotel room. Bringing these machines while traveling gives you the impression of sleeping in your bed at home.

White noise is a special sound signal used in hiding background noise. It consists of soothing sound waves extending through different frequencies. Studies indicate that a constant, monotonous flow of relaxing sound is smoothening to the mind. This allows you to relax easily and sleep peacefully. Sleep professionals and doctors also consider this perfect for babies and newborns since white noise are more comforting than a lullaby song.

What are white noise machines?

White noise machines are small devices that prevent unwanted sounds from interrupting your concentration or your sleep. They are used as natural sleep aids. They create comforting sounds to cover unwanted noise and allow you to fall asleep. It also prevents any disturbing noise from waking you up. Aside from helping you sleep, these devices also mask any noise inside the office. This enhances creativity and productivity.

Best White Noise Machine

If you are looking for the best white noise machine, our list of best noise machines can help you find the right one. There were selected due to their overal performance, ease of use, ratings, prices, as well as customer reviews.

Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine

marpacThe Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine is a small device offering two speed settings. It also features tone and volume control. The layered and natural fan sounds are customizable. It easily merges into the background. The integrated fan and adjustable air vents automatically produce white noise. Due to this, it will not have a looping audio track that can distract you. It is ideal for many sleepers. The continuous natural sound covers up unpleasant noise making it perfect for babies.

The device has three color options. The National Sleep Foundation also named the device its Official Sound Conditioner. Health Magazine considers it as the best device to produce natural noise. The Sweethome and Digital Trends also recommend it. The device received numerous positive online reviews. It also received more than 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Another option from the brand is the Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise Sound Machine.

LectroFan Jr. – White Noise Sound Machine

lectrofan jrThe LectroFan Jr. White Noise Sound Machine comes with six unique white noises and six unique fan sounds. It also features eighteen nursery rhymes making it perfect for babies and toddlers. An algorithm produces every sound. Due to this, it has no recordings or looping sounds that can disturb you. This lightweight and compact device features a multi-level volume and pitch control. It also has as a 60-minute sleep timer. It can function continuously to ensure you remain asleep. It features a USB power supply to for travelers.

The device has numerous color options. It offers the best dynamic sound according to the Health Magazine. The Sweethome and Refinery 29 also recommend using the device.

HoMedics SS-2000G/F-AMZ Sound Spa Relaxation Machine

homedicsThe HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine is the best-selling sound therapy product on Amazon. It has an adjustable volume control and an auto-off timer at 15, 30 and 60-minute increments. It features six nature sound options, including Rain, Brook, Summer Night, Ocean, Thunder, and White Noise. The sounds replicate natural sounds to create a soothing environment. It is compact and lightweight. The device can be powered through a power outlet or batteries.

It is best for portability according to the Health Magazine. Digital Trends recommends it and received numerous positive online reviews. The device also has numerous five-star Amazon ratings.

Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner White Noise Machine

Sleep-Easy-Sound-ConditionerThe Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner White Noise Machine is true to its claim on “As Seen On TV.” It generates a natural calming white noise sound replicating moving air sounds to mask distracting noise in the background. The device is normally used in nurseries and hospital rooms since they can run continuously. It features a non-slip base and adjustable volume and tone control. It can get power from a wall outlet or batteries.

The device received numerous positive reviews online. It has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon giving it a five-star rating.

Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

Conair-Sound-Therapy-Sound-MachineThe Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine has a 60-minute auto-off timer feature and volume control. It offers ten calming sound options. These sound options are Ocean Waves, Waterfall, Rainfall, Summer Night, Thunderstorm, Heartbeat, Birdsong, Tropical Forest, Running Stream, and White Noise. The device is user friendly. It draws power through its DC adapter or through batteries.

Health Magazine recommends the Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine as a cost-effective option. It also received numerous positive reviews online along with thousands of Amazon reviews with a five-star rating.

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