Best Water Softener System

If you are looking for the best water softener system which suits your needs, first you need to know how you will use it and consider the environment which you plan to condition. Is it just a shower or a sink, or you need a whole house water softener? And whether it is easy or difficult to install also needs to be considered. You also need to consider other factors, like how easy it is to replace the cartridges, how often it requires to replace the cartridges and how expensive these cartridges are. On the market, there are some very cheap systems, and you need to especially pay attention to them, because manufacturers will sell their filters at very high prices. They will make their money on these expensive filters.

Best Water Softener System

The best types of water softening systems will include a salt-based system, a salt-free system, a reverse osmosis system and a magnetic softening system. If you are looking for the best water softener system and don’t know how to start, we’ve made a list of best water softener systems for you to choose from.

Pelican Water Whole House Dispenser Filtration and Salt Free Softener System for 1-3 Bathrooms

Best Water Softener SystemThis softening system is made up of 3 separate cartridges. The first filter is a pre-filter which is used to remove the sand, sediment as well as other larger contaminants found in tap water or well water. Filtering out these large contaminants will effectively improve the overall effectiveness of the following other cartridges in this unit. The second stage is the carbon filtration. In this stage, sediment, chlorine and chloramines, odors and tastes in your water can be effectively filtered out. This cartridge can last for a long time, because its capacity is up to 600,000.1,000,000 gallons and it is estimated that this carbon filter can last for about 5 years. The second cartridge is a salt-free softener. This means it can soften water without the help of electricity or salt. And this will help to protect your hot water heater, dishwasher and pipes. The last stage is the Trojan UV Max’, ultraviolet light. In this stage, bacteria, as well as other microbes will be killed. As a well-designed water softener, its effectiveness and completeness make it one of the best and reliable water softening system on the market.

Pelican Water 10 GPM Whole House Carbon Water Filter System for Homes with 1-3 Bathrooms

pelican-natursoft-salt-free-water-softenersThis system is similar to Pelican’s other softener, but this one doesn’t have ultra-violet light. Pelican is a famous manufacturer, when it comes to water softening. And this softener is no different. Similar to other best water softeners, this one features an environmentally conscience design, which means this system cannot only soften hard water and but also can protect our environment at the same time. It doesn’t use electricity or salt, and can also remove the existing hard water build up from within your water pipes as well. This one is a 2-stage softening system. The first stage is the pre-filter which is very affordable and easy to change. And the second stage is an easy to change the cartridge that is used to soften hard water. The water flow will not be restricted thanks to its properly sized filtration systems. Like other Pelican filters, this one also comes with a lifetime warranty on its parts and tanks. And this system doesn’t remove valuable minerals in our city or well water. Because of its large capacity, the maintenance fees are less, unless the filters need to be changed. Generally, there is no any monthly fee or yearly operating cost. And it is also very easy to replace its on-off filters.

APEC Automatic Salt Based Water Softener 60000

apec-automatic-salt-based-water-softener-60000This softener is made in the USA, so it meets all the standards in the USA. Similar to other APEC water filters or softeners, this one is also designed for durability. Their water systems can last for an average of 27 years without bursting or leaking. This system is also NSF-certified, making it suitable for homes, healthy facilities, research labs, as well as factories. Salt-based water softeners are a little obsolete, because there are more and more environmentally friendly systems available on the market. However, they are also very popular for those who require a generic type water softening system. They soften hard water by exchange. In its filtration chamber, there are small salt-based beads which will interact with calcium and magnesium in the water, resulting in more salty water. This is because calcium and magnesium ions are placed by Na ions. This type of softening system is perfect for commercial use, while they are also used in some residential applications.

Rain Dance Easy-Pur Reverse Osmosis Water Softener System

rain-dance-easy-pur-reverse-osmosis-water-softener-systemThis softening system is perfect thanks to its super abilities and ease of replacing cartridges by easily twisting on and off. Even if this softening system is a 5-stage system, it is also very compact, not taking up much space. Therefore, it is easy to install it in a utility room or existing closet. Of course, you need a plumber to finish the installation. This system can offer about 75 gallons of water every day through its 3/8 tubing. Therefore, the water flow is good and you will not feel any slowing down. It also comes with 3 lights, so you can know when you need to change a filter. Green lighting means fully operational, and yellow lighting means after 80% usage, and red lighting means after 100% usage. Generally, if you see yellowing lighting, you need to plan to buy a filter for replacement and if you see red lighting, you need to replace the old one with the new one as soon as possible. To remove salt in the water, it uses a reverse osmosis filter. And RO systems are widely used to filter sea water and they are also great for other contaminants. However, they may be not effective to pathogens and minerals. Therefore, this system uses other 4 water filters to solve this problem. The first stage is the pre-filter which can prevent large particles from entering this system. The second and third stage are carbon block filters which are easy to replace. The fourth stage is the reverse osmosis water filter which has a RO membrane which can remove most contaminants in the water, including the matters that caused hard water. The last stage is an in-line granulated carbon filter. In a word, this reverse osmosis softener is really a good product and it deserves to have.

Clearwater GMX Magnetic Diamond 4800

clearwater-gmx-magnetic-diamond-4800Magnetic water softeners can dissolve the carbonate salts in our water. Carbonate salts are the main reason that water scales are formed and built up inside of our pipes and appliances. If left alone, these carbonate salts can combine with soap. The result is visible scum we see around our water stations. This system uses a magnetic device outside of pipes to treat water. This method is more cost-effective than other water treating methods. You can use this system to reduce the hardness of your water and it even can help to reduce existing water scale after a long time use. This is great, so you don’t need to worry about the new water scale building up and the old water scale will disappear little by little. However, this system is only effective to reduce hard water within the vicinity of its magnetic chamber. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install them along the water line every 10 feet to soften water, if hard water is really a serious problem in your house.

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