Best Water Distiller

A water distiller is really a must-have and priceless appliance, if you value the ultimate purity from your water. Such a water distiller is perfect for traveling, because it is not easy to access clean water to drink in some foreign countries. And you also can use a countertop water distiller at home to purify your tap or well water, as it is known there are many contaminants in our water.

A typical home water distiller can boil the liquid water, and then the boiling liquid water becomes steam, and then the steam arises to pass through a post water filter to further polish the water. Finally, when the steam is condensed, it will become liquid water again. And resulted water is called distilled water. The whole process is known as distillation. During the whole process, almost all the contaminants are removed. The less volatile contaminants (like heavy metals, salts) are left in the boiling chamber, while the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are filtered out by its post filter. Both viruses and bacteria are killed in the boiling chamber. Therefore, there are no impurities in the distilled water.

Although home water distillers seem to be pricey, the following best water distillers we’ve chosen strike a nice balance between price and performance. They are all high quality, durable and highly rated. Some of them are made of completely stainless, so during the whole distillation process, water will not come into contact with plastic parts.

Of course, the core function of a countertop distiller is the distillation. Therefore, more fancy features seem to be useless and costly. However, some advanced features can make our life much easier. For example, some models have pro-programmed function. Therefore, you can set it to work at night, and when you wake up in the morning, the fresh distilled water is ready for you. And they are also easy to assembly and use. Don’t worry about this.

Best Water Distiller

For who are looking for the best water distiller, our list of the best water distillers in the following can help you a lot. These distillers were selected due to their overall performance, ease of use, high ratings, reasonable prices and positive customer reviews.

Waterwise – Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller

waterwise-9000-countertop-distillerThis Waterwise 9000 is really one of the best water distillers on the market. It can offer you about 5 gallons in a day, if you make it working all the time. Each cycle, you can get 1 gallon in about 5 hours. This one also has a carbon filter to remove VOCs in the water. The active carbon filter uses an organic coconut shell to build. All the plastic components are certified to be safe to use. They are all food grade. The food grade plastics means the risk of re-polluting the resulting water can be eliminated. This distiller can offer you clean and fresh tasting distilled water. If you need a simple water distiller, this one can make your life much easier. Similar to other models, the mineral build-up in the boiling chamber is a common phenomenon, so you’d better clean it on a regular basis. Of course, you can buy xxx to make the cleaning job easy.

Waterwise 8800 Water Distiller Purifier

waterwise-8800-water-distiller-wiseThis best water distiller is so easy to operate. You just need to fill its boiling chamber with tap water or well water, and then press its start button. That’s all. This machine will do rest for you, including the steam distillation and post-filtration by an active carbon filter. After 4 hours, you can get 1 gallon fresh distilled water. Therefore, it is able to produce up to 6 gallons in a day. After each cycle, you need to use another container to hold the distilled water in its collection bottle. And if you don’t drink it right now, it is highly recommended to store it in your fridge. You also can boil the water in your electric kettle or on your stove top to reduce the distilling time. As an advanced distiller, a LCD is equipped. If its carbon filter needs to be changed, there is a readout on the LCD screen to remind you. Plus, this is also a programmable countertop water distiller as Waterwise 9000.

Megahome Countertop Water Distiller, White, Glass Collection

best water distillerIf the budget is an issue, you can consider this affordable water distiller. It is cheaper than above two distillers. This distiller can offer you 1 gallon of pure water every 5 to 6 hours, so it can produce about 4 gallons per day. It also includes carbon filters to get rid of VOCs in the resulting water, so it offers you clean, pure and good tasting distilled water. This unit requires no installation and very easy to use. Plus, similar to others, when a cycle of distillation is finished, it will shut off automatically. The collection bottle is a glass jar which is a little difficult to wash. And a bottle cleaner brush can do the job. If you need an affordable countertop water distiller, this one is a good choice. It is also one of the most popular distillers on the market.

Steam Pure Stainlsee Steel Counter Top Water Distiller

pure-stainless-counter-distiller-secureThis one is also a USA-made high quality water distiller. It is made of high quality stainless steel and comes with a glass jar, making it perfect for those who don’t trust plastic. This one features an industrial look, and if this feature is not a big problem for you, this one is also a good choice. You can place it on your countertop, or just put it under a counter or sink.

This best home water distiller can deal with no more than 1 gallon every 4 hours and it also can be programmable. You just need to set it when to work and leave. When you come back, pure water is ready for you. No installation is needed, but you need to clean it on a regular basis. This one can offer you pure and high quality drinkable water.

NEW Mini-Classic ll Counter Top Pure Water Distiller

mini-classic-counter-pure-water-distillerAlthough high quality plastics (good grade) has been proven to be safe to build water distillers, some people still prefer to water distillers that have not any plastic come into contact with the water. If you need such a distiller, this Mini-Classic water distiller is your best choice. It is made of durable steel and the collector is a glass jar. During the whole process, plastic is not allowed to come into contact with the water. Therefore, the resulting water can be clean and pure.

This distiller is not made in China or other countries. It is made in the USA. Due to this factor and its high quality construction, its high price can be easily justified. In no more than 4 hours, it can produce about 1 gallon distilled water for you. The whole process doesn’t only refer to distillation but also carbon filtration, so VOCs in the water can be easily reduced or removed. This model is easy to use and there is no need for installation or assembly. Many people said once they have owned this, they can have clean and fresh distilled water to drink every day.


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