Best Tower Fan Reviews

Tower fans are space-saving cooling appliances. Their slender shape allows you to position them in any room within your home. If you plan on buying the best tower fan, keep in mind the features that you want it to have to get the optimum advantage. The tower fans listed below are top of the lines with features beyond the basics. They come with remote controls, timers and air purifier, to name a few. Some are more enhanced with flashlights attached to the remote controls. This will come in handy at night time when power interruptions occur.

#1 Crane Tower Fan with LCD Clock

Crane-Tower-Fan-LCD-ClockIf you have a minimalist type of home, the Crane Oscillating Tower Fan is the best option. With its slender design, it can fit almost any space in the room. It stands at 47 inches tall with fan dimension of 7 inches wide and 9 inches long. This tower fan has multiple functions and comes with an easy to read LCD display. The digital display includes information such as room temperature, time, day, date and fan settings. Even with its powerful motor that produces 2,500 cubic feet of air per minute, you can hardly notice its presence because it is very quiet. This tower fan assures position stability at 16 pounds, but is manageable enough to transfer from one room to another. With three fan speeds, this tower fan provides adequate cooling atmosphere in any room with its 6-inch-wide fan. This Crane model includes an efficient remote control with an automatic timer that can be set off for 2, 4 or 8 hours. This tower fan also provides a 1 year limited warranty.

#2 SoleusAir 35″ Tower Fan

SoleusAir-Tower-Remote-control-FC3-35R-12This best tower fan has the attributes of a small but powerful fan which can place in virtually in any corner of the room. With dimension of 11 ¼ inches long and 9 ¼ inches wide, this tower fan has three speed setting and an automatic oscillation. This tower fan is enough to make any room cool and comfortable. Thus, air conditioner can be turned off resulting in a reduced electrical cost. This tower fan includes a remote control that really comes in handy when you’re sitting across the room. With a long timer of up to 7 ½ hours, this tower fan will turn off by itself when set. This is a great cooling companion in your sleeping time because it operates very quietly. Being lightweight, this tower fan can be moved from to room with ease. It also comes with a rubber padded grip at the base for more stability. Buyers of the Soleus fan are offered a 1-year limited warranty.

#3 Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan

Lasko-4820-Tower-Fresh-IonizerThis tower fan is one of the best tower fans in the market today. It features a slim and sleek design with automatic air swinging. This fan assures a full coverage in providing cool and comfort in your room. This one-of-a-kind fan comes with an optional ionizer that generates negative ions known to clean the air. This is done as the air moves up to 867 cubic feet every minute. The Lasko fan has three speed settings and illuminated push-buttons fixed at the top of the fan. This fan includes a versatile remote control for easy access, even from several feet away. Losing the remote control is also unlikely since this fan has a built-in storage pocket at the back of the tower. It also features an automatic timer that can be set off up to a maximum of 7.5 hours. This fan has a carry handle that makes it convenient to transfer from one room to another with ease. Lasko extends a 1-year limited warranty for this unit.

#4 Vornado 153 Tower Circulator – 32″ Upright Fan

Vornado-153-Tower-Circulator-UprightThis best fan is a unique fan that employs a V-Flow technology. This technology is efficient in moving air within a room up to 80 feet radius. This tower fan has great power in circulating the air with its distinctive air outlets. Unlike conventional fans, this fan can keep the room cool without relying on the oscillation feature. The Vornado Model 153 has controls on top of the fan that can be easily operated as they are soft-touch. This tower fan has lights indicator that allows you to know the fan’s settings even from afar. Changing the settings from across the room is convenient using the remote control that comes with your purchase. When not in use, simply slip the remote control in the indention at the top of the fan. The built-in magnet secures the remote from falling to the floor. What’s more, this tower fan has an 8 hour auto-off timer, three speeds setting and operates quietly. This fan can be easily moved from room to room being light-weight at just over 10 pounds. It also comes with a limited warranty of 5 years.

#5 Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

Honeywell-Breeze-Remote-Control-HY-048BPThe Honeywell Oscillating Tower Fan is an ideal equipment that can be trusted to provide a cool and comfortable atmosphere in every room. This tower fan allows you to aim the airflow anywhere you want it. To direct the air in a single area, you simply turn off the oscillating feature of this fan. What’s great about this fan is that it allows you to customize any programmable settings like the thermostat, speed and auto-off timer. This unit also comes with an easy to operate remote control. With a built-in flashlight, the remote control comes in handy especially during power interruptions at night. This fan has a small pocket at the back portion where you can securely keep the remote control when not in use. This tower fan can be relied on to keep any room dust-free and pollen-free as it comes with an ionizer. Likewise, it has a washable air filter to maintain the cleanliness of the air it produces. Buyers of this best oscillating tower fan are given a 1-year limited warranty.

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