Best Spider Killer Reviews

best spider killerIn most scenarios, spiders are useful insects in controlling more annoying insects like mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches, to name a few. But sometimes spiders can become a nuisance too. Black widows and brown recluse spiders can bite you painfully when intruded. When spiders become a pain in the neck, you will need an effective weapon to eliminate them. Catching and releasing these insects may be the friendly way of getting rid of them, but isn’t applicable in all cases. You will need a valuable spider killer to eradicate them.

Best Spider Killer

Each best spider killer included in this list is guaranteed for their effectiveness. You are left with the choice which is safest to use, formulated with natural ingredients, environment-friendly and gives the best value for your money. Observe proper caution when using any of these products by wearing gloves and a face mask.

Southern Ag Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate, 8oz

Southern-Ag-Natural-Pyrethrin-ConcentrateIf you aim for the safest spider killer but just as effective and wise value for your money, choose the Southern Ag Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate. This insect killer comes in a concentrated formula. You simply mix a cap-full or two with a quart of water into a spray bottle. Eight ounces of this concentrate will be enough to give you 20 quarts of ready-to-spray mix formula. Absolutely economical, isn’t it? This insecticide contains pyrethrins, the natural substance from the chrysanthemum plant. This is also one of the safest spider spray ever formulated as it is ecofriendly and water soluble. Pyrethrin works by messing-up the spider’s nervous system giving it an instantaneous death. This insecticide is your best choice in eradicating spiders and can also be used for other household pests.

TERRO T2302 Spider Killer Aerosol Spray

TERRO-T2302-Spider-Killer-Aerosol-SprayFrom the trusted brand TERRO, comes an incredible formula in getting rid of spiders. The TERRO 2300 Aerosol Spider Killer Spray can be your best weapon. It contains two synthetic pyrethrin elements which work to paralyze the central nervous system of the insect. Although synthetic, it easily disintegrates and is biodegradable. This killer spray is mineral-oil based and leaves a lasting effect that can kill spiders up to an extended period of 12 weeks. Upon purchase, you can immediately use it as it comes in ready to use spray containers. Spray directly on spiders and webs or any areas where they may find conducive for web-spinning. Just leave it and allow the active ingredients to do the work for you.

Hot Shot Spider and Scorpion Killer

Hot-Shot-Spider-Scorpion-KillerIf you want an insect spray that leaves the longest effect after spraying, go for Hot Shot Spider and Scorpion Killer. It is composed of pyrethrin in synthetic formulation mixed with two kinds of oil elements. This is the perfect combination that keeps the active ingredient effective up to a maximum of 16 weeks. This one may cost you more than the other spider spray. But it is proven to be a valuable insecticide if you have a serious problem with spiders and want to eradicate them for good. Simply spray it on spiders, on webs and other locations where spiders will most likely inhabit. With an unbeatable residual effect, you can never go wrong.

Spider Not Aerosol Kills Spiders

spider-not-aerosol-kills-spidersThis spider killing spray may be unheard of, but this is an excellent choice. The Spider Not Aerosol Kills Spiders comes in a highly pressurized spray can that reaches even up to high ceilings, walls and corners when sprayed. It can really kill spiders as the pressurized gust of insecticide goes out of the can. It has the active ingredient pyrethrin in synthetic form called D-Trans Allethrin. Similar to almost any synthetic pyrethrins, this substance is pretty safe for humans, but poses a great danger to cats. The formulation contains petroleum distillate oils proven to extend its residual effect. Although found to be harmless but effective in most cases, it is not advisable to use if you have cats playing around the house.

Black Flag Spider and Scorpion Killer Aerosol Spray

black-flag-roach-killing-chalkTo get the best bang for your buck, the Black Flag Spider and Scorpion Killer Aerosol Spray is your best option. This aerosol spray contains synthetic pyrethrin in a mixture of mineral oil. Like all the other formulation in this list, it effectively kills spiders and with a lasting power up to 16 weeks. If the Best-Value-For-Your-Money award is to be given, this insect killer will definitely bag the prize. As far as spider killers are concerned, all of them provide the same effectiveness of eradicating spiders. But this one is inexpensive as compared to other brands. It is effective with a long enduring killing power that provides a real money value. If you have a severe spider infestation, it won’t dent your budget should you need a couple of spray cans.

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