Best Solar Lights Reviews

For outdoor walkway or pathway lighting, the solar lights are among the most attractive options. They are simple to install virtually anywhere and there is no need to plug them in. Solar lights vary from the fancy and stylish to the more practical. But, it is essential to place the solar panels that gather energy in a location that receives regular direct sunlight. If the sun isn’t able to charge the inner battery, a solar light won’t give the desired performance no matter how well regarded it is.

Best Solar Lights

Our chosen best solar lights below have been chosen on a variety of factors, including practicality, design, ease of use, and strength of illumination.

Westinghouse 351104-08R Clifton Solar Pathlight

Westinghouse-351104-08R-Clifton-Pathlight-4-PieceThe Clifton Solar Pathlight by Westinghouse is the rated as the best pick as a classic path light. The lighting time is an impressive 6 hours (provided the light is fully charged). The LED bulbs have a high-output to easily light up a large area. For the stylish look the lens is made of glass. This is a pack of 4 light stakes that are designed to easily push into the lawn or similar area. The Clifton Solar Pathlight is one of the best priced deals in our list and makes the perfect classic sidewalk or pathway light.

Mr. Light 44334 Single Solar Fiber Optic Garden Stake with Color Changing LED

Mr-Light-44334-solar-accent-lightsBright and long-lasting, the Single Solar Fiber Optic Garden Stake by Mr. Light is a great solar powered path light. On a full charge, this light can last for up to 8 hours. It has the fun aspect with its color changing LED that constantly changes before your eyes. While it isn’t the most practical light to illuminate the pathway, it certainly makes a more unique choice.

Moonrays 91206 Solar Powered Tiki Torch Path Light

Moonrays-91206-Solar-Powered-TorchFor party or pathway lighting, the Solar Powered Tiki Torch by Moonrays is a welcomed choice. It creates a realistic lighting accent with its flickering LED bulb that is attached to the top of a stake at 60 inches in length. It has the appearance of a Tiki Torch, but still puts out enough light to see around walkways or paths in the dark. The fully charged time is up to 10 hours. The stakes design means it is very easy to position and makes a great talking point in the garden.

Plow & Hearth Set of 4 Solar Garden Path Lights

Set-Solar-Garden-Path-LightsThe Steel and Glass Encased Solar LED Path Lights are the right choice for those in search of style and elegance and works extremely well. The steel and glass construction makes this one of the most costly choices on our list. It gives great output and easily lights up any outside walkway or path. A full charge lasts for up to 9 hours and the stakes are simply pushed into the ground. This is a set of 4 path lights and can easily be rated the best path light if it wasn’t for the slightly higher price.

Fulfillment House Solar Power LED Path Lights (SL2193) by Metro Fulfillment House

metro-fulfillment-house-sl2193The Fulfillment House Solar Power LED Path Lights are great value for money. This set of 10 multicolor path lights has a very attractive price and the most affordable option on our list. Plus, the multicolor effect is a joy to watch in low-light conditions. The actual light casing is strong, but the same cannot be said about the stakes, so apply caution when placing these lights in the lawn. A full charge is in the region of 8 hours. This is very practical and fun set of lights that easily illuminate any walk or pathway.

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