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Soda was originally formulated to replicate mineral water because of its health benefits. Dating back in 1700’s, carbon dioxide was fortified with water by suspending sulfuric acid into a chalk container. This is done to imitate the “fizz” property of mineral water. This process allows the gas to infiltrate with water as the liquid is stirred. At the start, plain water was utilized as a health beverage. Later on, different flavors were added to make it more pleasant to the taste. That was the beginning of fruit flavored drinks. The formulation was improved to what is now known as the soda pop.

Best Soda Makerf

Included in this list are the best soda makers available in the market today. These soda makers give you a lot of choices as to the flavor, amount of concentration and any additives that you may want. The soda making machines listed are very cost-efficient guaranteed to give a real bang for your buck. They are more economical than canned sodas over the long term. Another advantage of using soda machines is that it is earth-friendly, provided that you reuse the bottles of the soda. In formulating a soda pop, you need CO2 carbonation attached to the soda machine. This can be in the form of bulk carbonator filled gas or cartridge. The soda machines included here have air-tight seals that prevent the carbon dioxide from escaping. This feature assures you a fast and efficient liquid-CO2 infusion all the time.

#1 SodaStream Genesis Home Soda Maker Starter Kit

SodaStream-Genesis-Maker-Starter-GreenSodaStream came up with a soda making machine for home use. Other manufacturers have used the same accessories SodaStream uses because of their efficiency. This company has produced a variety of soda machine maker and this model is ideal for home use. This soda maker is complete with all the accessories needed to produce a fizzy drink as soon as it is delivered to you.

To make your own soda pop, insert the carbonator bottle into the soda maker’s head and screw it tightly with your fingers. Then fill the included soda bottle with cold water up to the line. To infuse the water with CO2, simply press the button at the top of the machine. Add your desired flavor and voila! You now have your favorite flavored soda. This soda machine comes with 60 different fructose-free flavors to satisfy your taste buds. If you need extra carbonator bottles and soda bottles, they can be easily purchased from department stores. SodaStream offers a 10 year warranty period for this product.

#2 KitchenAid KSS1121CU Sparkling Beverage Maker

KitchenAid-KSS1121CU-Sparkling-Beverage-ContourA kitchen appliance authority, KitchenAid, came up a with a remarkable soda making machine. The KitchenAid KSS1121CU Sparkling Beverage Maker is your best choice if price is not an issue to you. This model is equipped with a pressure gauge that allows you to check the amount of carbonation being infused. The gauge is very helpful in giving you an accurate measurement of carbonation in the soda bottle. This soda maker is designed with large handle for easy control during CO2 infusion process. This KitchenAid model is encased in a compact and strong metal. It is a real plus, unlike other plastic-housing models.

KitchenAid manufactured this soda maker but it is powered by SodaStream accessories. It uses SodaStreams’s CO2 carbonator and flavors. This sparkling drink maker provides a sturdy assembly and is elegantly designed. That’s why it cost three times higher than the number one choice. This product is covered with a one-year warranty.

#3 CarbaCap Carbonation System

Soda-Maker-Water-Carbonator-Cap-Home-Brewing-Carbonation-SystemIf you’re entertaining guests a number of times at home, you might want to consider getting your own beverage carbonating system. The Carbacap Carbonation System is a perfect choice. This handy carbonation system only needs a CO2 tank with an attached pressure valve. CO2 tanks can be found from any home brewing supply chain and can be purchased online as well. When buying CO2 from soda makers, you can save a lot if you buy in volume rather than in packaged cans. This brewing cap virtually fits any standard 1 or 2 liter PET or soda bottles.

To create your own carbonated drink, simply put cold water and add your favorite flavoring into the soda bottle. Fasten on the cap and carbonate the liquid until it reached your desired carbonation. This carbonator can add fizz to any plain liquid, even staled commercial soda. This is by far the easiest carbonation system available in the market. It simply needs a CO2 tank with pressure valve and you’re good to go. This drink carbonator totally rocks and it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

#4 SodaPlus SP76327 Soda Carbonating Starter Kit

SodaPlus-SP76327-Soda-Carbonating-Starter-KitIf you are fond of carbonated beverages, you might as well get a soda maker machine. The SodaPlus SP76327 Soda Carbonating Starter Kit is ideal for single serve soda drink. It comes with a proprietary bottle solely for this model which is good for single servings. To use, simply pour liquid into the bottle. You can add your favorite flavor or you may use soft drinks or flat soda. Then screw an 8 gram CO2 cartridge at the top. Just shake the bottle for the carbonation of the liquid. A single cartridge is enough but you have the option to use another cartridge for that added fizz. This soda maker will perfectly carbonate any liquid of your choice. You can carbonate, flat soda, wine, cider or any flavored drink. The bottle can hold up to 1.2 liters of liquid and can be placed in the refrigerator for later consumption. 

#5 Sparkle Soda Siphon-Silver

Sparkle-Soda-Siphon-SilverIf you’re someone who loves to add a zest to your ordinary drink, Sparkle Soda Siphon is a great choice. This gadget can turn any flat liquid into something bubbly and fizzy. This is an ideal option if you simply want a cold sparkling soda anytime of the day. This soda maker uses 8g CO2 cartridge which can be bought from any household appliance store or online stores. To use, simply pour one liter of liquid into the container. Screw in the CO2 cartridge and shake the bottle a little bit. Unscrew the cartridge and place the container in the fridge. Wait for at least two hours and you already have a cold carbonated drink.

For another variety, you can pour a flavored drink in the glass and add the carbonated water straight from the siphon. This soda maker is ideal for single servings, especially in your home bar. This soda siphon is very handy and easy to use. No wonder, it has become a favorite tool among bartenders and to soda pop drinkers alike.

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