Best Smoke Detector Reviews

When it comes to Smoke detectors, I think they are ideal for any home. The law also requires rental properties to have them. These devices are normally associated with cheap systmes which often go off. This is normally happens inside the kitchen. But, modern units are normally sophisticated. They can detect real threats. This reduces the number of nuisance alarms.

Alarms have different prices and performance. Expensive models have detectors for smoke and carbon dioxide. These units can be connected to other alarms. This gives you a complete alarm system inside the home. Advanced smoke detectors have visual and audio alarms. They can also detect carbon monoxide, full flames, and smoldering fires. These models can be installed and tested easily. They also have a mute button to make it easy to deal with false alarms. The list includes models that do not detect different threat types. But, they are also reliable when it comes to detecting fire threats.

Best Smoke Detector

For people who are looking for the best smoke detector, our list can help you make a wise desision. Beside all the features mentioned above, we also check their overall performance, ease of use, price, ratings and customer reviews.

Kidde KN-COSM-B Battery-Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm

OfKidde-KN-COSM-B-Battery-Operated-Combination-MonoxideShort Summary:

The Kidde KN-COSM-B Battery-Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm is an expensive unit. But, it offers peace of mind to the homeowner. It alerts users about the presence of carbon monoxide and smoke. It also gives a signal when the battery level is low. This model also gives a signal when it will not work effectively again.


This device from Kidde is a versatile smoke detector that can detect carbon monoxide and fires. The alarm is battery operated and can be easily installed. It also features a test and reset button to check if is proper working order. The hush feature of the model allows it to be silenced during false alarms.

It is a talking alarm that verbally identifies the hazard it detects. This makes it easier for homeowners to react basing on the threat type the alarm detects. Its end-of-life and low battery feature makes this smoke detector chirp when it reaches its life span of seven years or when the battery is low. This ensures you will always be aware if the detector is in proper working condition.

First Alert SA320CN Smoke and Fire Alarm

First-Alert-SA320CN-Double-Battery-PoweredShort Summary:

Many professional recommend alarms using a photoelectric sensor and a ionization sensor. The alarm can quickly detect flaming and smoldering fires. Many people may buy separate units for these purposes. But, the Double Sensor Battery-Powered Smoke and Fire Alarm from First Alert combines these two functions into one unit. Due to this, it is a highly-recommended model.


The device is among the few smoke detectors with a dual detection feature. Its two smoke sensors make it unique. Many detectors are limited to ionization sensors. Photoelectric sensors can detect smoldering fires before they grow. Either of the two sensors is recommended by professionals. But, a detector with both is ideal.

It uses a technology to differentiate false alarms from actual threats. Its mute button allows homeowners to silence nuisance alarms. While the smoke detector does not detect carbon monoxide, its dual sensor technology makes up for its high price.

First Alert SC9120B

First-Alert-SC-9120B-Hardwired-MonoxideShort Summary:

The First Alert SC9120B can connect with other types of detectors. This allows homeowners to ensure any issues in any area inside the house are broadcasted throughout  your whole house. While it is more expensive, its networking capability makes it an ideal investment for large houses.


Homeowners can network this smoke detector with other devices to create a safety network for carbon monoxide and fire hazards. Homeowners can have a peace of mind due to its capability of connecting with other devices. Whenever an alarm goes off, it will send a signal to the other devices inside the house and make them go off. It also uses audible and visual warnings. The device also features separate indicates for either carbon monoxide or smoke. It can also be programmed to minimize nuisance alarms. The device also comes with a silence and test button.

This smoke detector from First Alert is a wired device with a battery backup. This allows it to continue functioning even when the power goes out. Even as it is more expensive compared to other devices in the market, its networking capability justifies its price tag. The carbon monoxide and smoke detection capabilities also make it a worthy investment. It also comes with a seven year warranty from First Alert.

Kidde KN-COSM-XTR-B Carbon Monoxide, Fire, and Smoke Intelligent Alarm

OfKidde-KN-COSM-B-Battery-Operated-Combination-MonoxideShort Summary:

Even as the Kidde KN-COSM-XTR-B Nighthawk Combination Carbon Monoxide, Fire, and Smoke Intelligent Alarm is expensive, it is can detect carbon monoxide, smoke and fire. It also comes with a talking alarm that announces the threat type it detected. The detector also uses visual and audible alarms.


The Kidde KN-COSM-XTR-B Nighthawk Combination Carbon Monoxide, Fire, and Smoke Intelligent Alarm can detect carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire. It also identifies the hazard type with a voice alarm. This ensures reaction time is faster. It can also save lives since it establishes the type of threat that results to a suitable action to deal with it.

Installation is easy. While the smoke detector does not have a networking feature, it uses loud audible and visual alarms to broadcast the threat. Its hush feature also silences the alarm temporarily if the user determines it is false. A ten-year warranty from the manufacturer comes with this smoke detector.

Kidde 0914E Smoke Detector

kidde-0914e-basic-smoke-detectorShort Summary:

The Kidde 0914E Smoke Detector is a unique model when compared to the other units on the list. The other units cost more, have numerous features, and use top-of-the-line technology. On the other hand, this smoke detector from Kidde is simple and reasonably-priced. It has a basic smoke detection feature. This device is also priced at around $10.


The Kidde 0914E Smoke Detector is a reasonably-priced smoke detector. It is battery operated and can be installed easily. The device also comes with a bracket and has a low-profile design. The manufacturer also offers a warranty for three years for the device. It does not have too many features and may be prone to false alarms. Its ionization sensors can detect smoke.

It features a test button to allow homeowners to check it periodically. This allows them to know if it is working properly. It also allows them to check the volume of the alarm. This makes sure it can be heard by people close to it. Homeowners looking for a basic and reasonably-priced smoke detector can consider this particular model.

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