Best Silverfish Killer


Ever wondered why your books get damaged? One possible reason for that is the presence of silverfish. It is a silvery, scaled insect with a thin and tapered body enough to exist between the pages of books. Silverfish are starch and sugar-eating bugs. Their appetite is starch-fueled that is why they love to eat the wood-pulp manufactured pages of your books and its binding. But this pest is also present in damp places like bathrooms and laundry room as they feed on mold and fungi too. Although there are no diseases related to them, it could get troublesome when they grow in numbers. Before that happens, eradicating them is the best idea! Good thing silverfish killers are available in the market and there is nothing more efficient than to choose the safest way to get rid of them which is using an organic formula.

Best Silverfish Killer

If you are looking for the Best Silverfish Killer, we have made this list for you. You can choose one of them to effectively kill Silverfish.

Safer Brand 51703 Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug

best silverfish killerWhen it comes to the safest silverfish killer, Safer Brand’s Diatomaceous Earth is at the top. It is composed of fossilized diatoms, a non-toxic material, that is safe to use even around kids and pets. The crushed, powdered shells of fossilized diatoms are dust-like particles that act as tiny razor blades to insects. Once silverfish ingest or walks over the powder, it will slice their exoskeleton causing dehydration. The diatomaceous earth powder is easy to use. Just sprinkle the powder on areas the silverfish most likely dwell. For best results, sprinkle in dry areas. This silverfish killer powder is effective in both indoor and outdoor use.

Dekko Silverfish Paks 3 boxes

Dekko-Silverfish-Paks-3-boxesEliminate the presence of silverfish in your household with Dekko’s Silverfish Paks. This is the most trusted brand in silverfish control. Being around for decades, Dekko’s Silverfish Paks has become the conventional and leading solution for silverfish infestation. This product kills the insect pest the way diatomaceous earth does. The “paks” are sugar-type paper packets infused with boric acid. Once eaten by silverfish, dehydration occurs inside and out of the pest’s body. Boric acid can be toxic to humans but being wrapped and contained in packets makes it safer to use compared to unpackaged powders.

D-Fense Deltamethrin Dust 1 lb (Generic Delta Dust)

D-Fense-Deltamethrin-Dust-Generic-DeltaLooking for a natural insecticide to free your household from silverfish? Consider using Control Solution’s D-Fense Dust Insecticide. It is a pyrethrin-based compound using deltamethrin ingredient. Pyrethrins are a class of organic compound usually found in chrysanthemums. Deltamethrin is the natural form of insecticide synthesized from chrysanthemums. Unlike diatomaceous earth and boric acid, deltamethrin dust gets rid of silverfish by disrupting the pest’s nervous system. When the pest walks over this dust, it sticks to their body. It takes effect on the moment the dust is absorbed by the silverfish’s body when they are in contact or cleaning their bodies. Simply scatter D-Fense Dust Insecticide on areas where silverfish activity is known and make sure your kids and pets are not around. Do not forget to always wear gloves when using this and do not inhale the dust. Pyrethrin-based compound is considered to be low-toxicity pesticide from a human health standpoint. It is water soluble, if anything happens, it will wash off easily with water.

Nibor-D Green Pest Management Pesticide-15 lb bottle

Nibor-D-Green-Management-Pesticide-15-bottleNiBor-D Borate Dust uses boron, which is known to be a green substance pesticide, making this product on the list of safe dust silverfish killer. NiBor-D gets rid of silverfish by disturbing its metabolism. Once consumed, they can no longer process food and will starve to death. To use this product, simply dust the areas where silverfish exists. In a couple of weeks, you will see the results. The one thing that makes NiBor-D insecticide the best silverfish killer is that it is not only effective, but it is safe to use around kids and pets. Mammals are able to thoroughly dispose the borate dust out from their body but note that large amounts will be toxic.

JT Eaton 365 Answer Boric Acid Insecticidal Dust

Eaton-Answer-Boric-Insecticidal-ResealableLooking for a silverfish killer that has been tested and proven for decades? Then JT Eaton’s Boric Acid Insecticidal Dust is the one for you. The boric acid is recognized as the standard silverfish killer. Cast the powder on areas swarmed with silverfish and the abrasive characteristic of this insecticidal dust will affect the pest’s exoskeleton. The moment it is ingested, it will interrupt with the pest’s digestion process, causing starvation and dehydration. Wear gloves every time you use the product and never inhale the dust. Considering its track record for silverfish extermination, it is notably safe and effective.

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