Best Shower Filter

Shower filters are a good way to get harsh minerals and chemicals out from your tap water. Unlike other water filters that are used for drinking water, shower filters are designed to be able to withstand hot temperatures. If you think there is no need for filtering the water from your bathroom shower, you are totally wrong. Our city water contains many chemical additives that are harmful to our hair and skin. I heard more than once that people claim these harmful chemical additives in the water damage their hair and skin. And when we take a shower, we are likely to inhale vapors that are mixed chlorine, which will damage our overall health.

Therefore, filtering the water coming from the shower can help you decrease hair loss, frizz, preserve colored hair, require less hair products and soap used, and get smoother skin.

Best Shower Filter

If you are just seeking these obvious benefits and looking for the best shower filter, our list of the best shower filters can help you quickly narrow down the selection. All of them come with a showerhead, so you don’t need to buy one and you just need to replace your current showerhead. Some of them even allow you to use your current showerhead if you don’t want to throw away the current shower head.

All of them feature a long filter life and they can offer you up to 10,000 gallons of filtered water or last for about six months under normal conditions. They can deliver great performance and the amount of chlorine can be obviously reduced. So they can help prevent some problems, like a sulfur odor, scale and health problems. Plus, they are so easy to install and only minimal effort is needed.

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead

culligan-wsh-c125-wall-mount-capacity-showerheadThis Culligan WSH-C125 is easy to install and can get rid of up to 99% of chlorine in the shower water, and features a very long filter life, making it one of the best shower filters on the market. No tools are required to install it, but it also offers anti-clog rubber spray nozzles, as well as 5 spray settings. From these settings, you even can get the coveted message water stream. As a built-in shower filter, it can last 6 months under normal conditions or have a capacity of up to 10,0000 gallons. This filter doesn’t only reduce the amount of chlorine in the water but also reduce the risk of scale and odors. Therefore, this represents fewer residues will be left by minerals in the water and you can always get clean, soft, gentle water to take a shower, which is good for your hair and skin. And it also includes a 5-year warranty.

WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System

waterchef-premium-shower-filter-polishedThis best shower filter is NSF certified and is manufactured in the USA. All the plastic is BPA-free. And it is also a very versatile filter you can trust. You can use it as a hand shower or a fixed showerhead. It is easy to install and no tools are required. The filter features a rain disc shower head that has anti-clog rubber spray nozzles. It allows you to change its spray patterns and a soothing massage flow is offered. Although it is not designed for chloramines, this SF-7C-PC can effectively reduce the amount of chlorine in our water. It offers strong water pressure. This shower head can offer you up to 10,000 gallons or last 6 months with average use, thanks to its 2-stage water filter cartridge.

Aquasana AQ-4105 Showerhead Filter System with Handheld Wand

aquasana-aq-4105-showerhead-filter-handheldThis Aqusana AQ-4105 comes with a massaging shower head and a handheld wand, making it convenient to use. Although other shower filters offer plenty of configurations, this one is also a versatile one. As also a NSF Certified shower filter, it is effective to filter cysts, chlorine, lead and other pollutants in our city water, so the resulting water has less odor and will not damage the hair and skin. Its efficiency is also excellent. This filter can offer you 2.5 gallons of filtered water every minute. This feature is great, since most other shower filters may restrict water flow due to the low efficiency. Therefore, this one can offer you a satisfying showering experience each time.

This one has a lifespan of 6 months with an average use or up to 10,000 gallons. And if the current filter is ineffective, it is so easy to replace a new one. Installation is also pretty easy. Plus, a 1-year warranty is also included.

Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head

rainshowr-cq-1000-ms-shower-filter-massagingThis model delivers excellent performance. As a NSF Certified water filter, it can remove more than 90% of chlorine in our water. The heavy reduction of chlorine also reduces the bad odor, and the hair and skin can be healthier due to the reduction of harsh chemicals, metals and other contaminants in our city water. This model also offers a massaging shower head that is pretty easy to install. The water pressure from the shower head is only lost a little. The lifespan of this filter is about 20,000 gallons or 9 months with normal use. Its lifespan is much longer than others on this list. The price is also reasonable. Highly recommend!

Sprite HHCT Massaging Handheld Chlorine Shower Filter Unit

sprite-hhct-massaging-handheld-replaceableThis shower filter is NSF-Certified and can remove up to 99% of hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, and odors from our city water. This filtration can result in filtered water that is healthier to your hair and skin. And you will not smell any bad odor. This shower filter comes in many choices, like chrome accents, chrome or a gold finish, making it can match your kitchen style. It also comes with 3 separate spray settings. This filter has a lifespan of 3,000 gallons or 6 months with normal use. Although its lifespan is shorter than other models, the replacement cartridges are easy to access and very affordable. If it is installed correctly, it can offer you excellent performance.[aff=B000E4AO9E]

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