Best Pool Alarm Reviews

According to statistics, drowning is reported to be the 2nd most common reason for death in children aged 14 or below. Anyone with a lack of oxygen for a period of two minutes can become unconscious. A practical solution to avoid such tragedies is a pool alarm. This works by detecting any disturbance to the water and emits an alarm to warn parents.

The best pool alarm can give an early warning whenever the pool is being used. They will alert the property owner of pool activity which can relate to an illegal break in, vandals, or errant party-goers.

A pool alarm shouldn’t be used as a sole means of safeguarding a pool. Electronic surveillance and locked gates are also worthwhile, and most effective when used in conjunction with the alarm.

In truth, there is a requirement in several states that an outside swimming pool is protected by a fence and gate at minimum.

In the end, being vigilant is the sole responsibility of the property owner. Keep gates locked and secure, leave the alarm on, and always know where your children are.

Best Pool Alarm

The best pool alarms listed below have been chosen for a variety of reasons, such as giving the fewest false alarms and being the most sensitive to water disturbances. Plus, factors like convenience of use and ease of installation were included in our criteria.

PA-30 Pool Alarm by Pool Patrol

Pool-Patrol-PA-30-AlarmThe PA-30 Pool Alarm by Pool Patrol gives great versatility, and one of the top rated in the market. It is a practical addition to an above-ground or an in-ground pool. It has a remote sensor that can be installed up to 200 feet from the pool. The actual alarm floats on the surface of the water for complete ease of use. It actives on detecting any unauthorized pool use. The sensitivity is adjustable to help minimize issues with false alarms. It runs on a single 9-volt battery.

Aquaguard In-Ground Pool Alarm System

Aquaguard-In-Ground-Pool-Alarm-SystemThe Aquaguard Pool Alarm System is a popular option for the in-ground pool. It is designed to detect changes in water pressure and emits a loud alarm when anything over 18-lbs enters the pool. This dual alarm system is built with a wireless remote receiver which is activated in conjunction with the main unit. It is very effective at detecting false signals such as rain or wind, and has the ability to reactivate after the pool is used. It is highly rated for the in-ground pools.

NEW SENSOR ESPIO ESP007 In-Ground Swimming Pool Alarm Child Safety w/Remote

SENSOR-ESP007-Ground-Swimming-SafetyThe Sensor Espio is seen as one of the favorites in the market. In any static tests, this alarm system nearly always takes first prize. But, in real world use, its basic functionality is much the same as other top rated products. Plus, this alarm has a high ticket price. However, it is still a worthwhile investment and emits a very LOUD alarm on any disturbance. It is easily installed concealed under the pool deck. Plus, there is the option to permanently install at the time of constructing the pool. It only works when half submerged in the pool. It resets itself automatically, is magnetically keyed (makes disarming difficult) and packaged with a wireless remote.

Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm

Poolguard-PGRM-2-In-Ground-Pool-AlarmThe PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm by Poolguard is the type of alarm that cannot be deactivated once set. It must be lifted from the pool and actively put into sleep mode. This makes it very difficult to tamper with. Plus, it lowers the risk of it being stolen. The reach to the remote unit is up to 200 ft and design to auto reset when placed in the water. It operates on a 9-volt battery. While it is highly rated, there is the risk of a false alarm caused by deactivation which isn’t good for those planning the nighttime swim.

NEW SWIM ALERT Inground Swimming Pool Spa Battery Operated Alarm Remote

Inground-Swimming-Battery-Operated-RemoteThe Swim Alert Pool Alarm by MG International is well respected and appreciated for its high sensitivity. It must be installed in the correct fashion to minimize issues with false alarms. The alarm emits a loud sound that is easily heard 100 feet in the distance. The immersion probe installed in the pool must be at a depth of 8.5 inches to prevent the consistent false alarms. With the correct setup in place, this pool alarm is highly rated for being reliable and sensitive. It is designed to activate the alarm on detecting objects at 18 lbs or more which makes it practical for human and animal protection.

Pool Alarms Reviews

Why should I buy a pool alarm?

Pool alarms are essential safety features for the outside pool. They emit are audible alarm in the event of a person, animal or object disturbing the water. Also, they can function when a cover is removed or when a pool gate is opened.

The alarm actives when someone enters the pool either deliberately or accidentally. An immediate alert is given via the monitor in the home. Even though it isn’t a guaranteed life-saving device, it does increase the chance of rescuing a child or other that fell in by accident.

A pool alarm is a standard requirement in certain states, such as California, Connecticut and New York. This applies to any pool installed with no automatic cover in place. But, even in a state without the stipulated law in place, a pool alarm is still a wise precaution. They have the potential to save lives and useful in other cases like debris or branches falling in the water.

Some of the favorite products include the Swim Alert Pool Alarm, Poolguard Door Alarm and Pool Patrol Pool Alarm.

What to look for in pool alarms

Choosing the best pool alarms is a process of determining the right sensor technologies, features and placement options. Place the sensors in several locations increase the protection. Let’s look at three of the main factors to consider:


There are multiple types and styles of pool alarms. Some alarms are designed to install on the pool wall and emit a loud alert when the water surface is broken. While effective, this type of alarm is quite expensive. A buoy alarm floats on the surface of the water and actives its alarm when the water moves. But, this type has a high chance of false alerts. A pool barrier/gate system is designed to emit an alert when the gate is opened. They are great for pools with a single access point. A combination of gate alarm and pool alarm gives the maximum protection.


Most of the pool alarms are packaged with a wealth of features. Basic features include adjustable sensitivity and a disable button. The user-friendly ones instantly switch off when removed from the pool. The high-end units can emit an alert when the device is lifted from the pool or if water is displaced.

Sensor Technology

Pool alarms can vary with the sensor technology included. In-ground pool alarms rely on detecting moving or rising water. The buoy sensors make use of motion detection to determine a break in the water. The majority of gate alarms are built with magnetic sensors to give an alert on the opened gate. The most sensitive sensors have the ability to notice any water displacement, while the basic units can be limited in their detection capabilities.

A properly install pool alarm protects children, family pets, and even intruders. But, it is critical to select the system that matches the specific needs and environment. A well-chosen pool alarm helps to provide maximum security.

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