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pizza-perfectWhile stone pizza ovens are well over the budget of a regular household, cooks can still bake tasty authentic pizza at home. The pizza stone is the most ideal kitchen equipment used in making pizza inside a conventional oven. Pizza stones are normally made of soapstone or ceramic materials. These materials are not good heat conductors so they gradually heat up and remain hot for an extended period of time. We checked the durability, maintenance requirements, and consistency in producing crispy crusts when we looked for the top pizza stones in the market. It is important to follow instructions on the proper care of pizza stones. Many pizza stones should be placed inside the oven before it is turned on rather than putting it inside an already hot oven. The pizza stone becomes heated as the temperature inside the oven rises.

Best Pizza Stone

If you are just hunting for the best pizza stone to make the perfect pizza at home, this list of best pizza stones can help you quickly find the perfect pizza stone.

Emile Henry Made in France Flame Top Pizza Stone

Emile-Henry-Perfect-Breads-SurfaceThe Emile Henry Made in France Flame Top Pizza Stone features an innovative coating to make its stand out in the market. Cleaning the stone is as easy as wiping the coating, which is scratch resistant. You can even cut pizza on top of the stone. It can be used inside an oven or on top of a grill or wood fire. Due to this, you can use it for making pizza on a camping trip or an outdoor barbecue. It has a diameter of 14.5 inches, which is suitable for baking family size pizzas. The company also offers twelve-inch pizza stones that come in different colors.

Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone with Rack

Good-Cook-14-75-Pizza-StoneThe Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone with Rack are durable and user-friendly, which makes them popular among home cooks. It is made of ceramic material that absorbs extra moisture while baking the pizza. Due to this, the pizza will have a crunchy crust. Since the pizza stone also retains heat well, it can be used as a serving platter once the pizza is done. The company also offers different sizes of pizza stones. This allows you a good selection of pizza stones that can fit all oven sizes. Cleaning the pizza stone is as easy as scraping it or rinsing it with water.

All-Clad 00280 Pizza-Baker Stone and Pizza Cutter

All-Clad-Stainless-Serving-13-inch-Pizza-BakerThe best Pizza Stone is ideal for baking, cutting as well as serving pizza with crispy crusts. The pizza stone is made of soapstone, which is porous enough to absorb moisture and retain heat. The 13-inch diameter is big enough for a personal pizza. It can also be used to make pizza for two. After baking the pizza, the pizza stone can be used as a serving tray to keep the pizza hot while it is served. This pizza stone is durable and covered with a lifetime warranty from the company.

Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone

Old-Stone-Oven-Rectangular-14-5-InchRectangular pizza stones are ideal for baking pizzas large enough for the entire family. The Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone measures 14.5 inches by 16.5 inches, which makes it suitable for making a large pizza. It is also big enough to cook two medium-sized pizzas. The ridges along the bottom make it easy to grip the stone when it is taken off the counter. It is also capable of heating evenly and can suitably retain heat. Due to this, the pizza will be cooked quickly. The company has a four-decade experience in making pizza stones and is among the best-loved pizza stone makers in the world.

CHEFS Round Pizza Stone, 16.5 inch

CHEFS-Round-Pizza-Stone-16-5The CHEFS Round Pizza Stone, 16.5 inch is ideal for people looking for a pizza stone with a double baking surface. It is not considered a stone, but is made of a specially-designed ceramic material that retains heat well. The pizza stone can be easily cleaned and is crack-resistant. It is also durable enough to withstand abrupt high heat exposure. The stone is smooth and non-absorbent. It also resists sticking and easy to clean. This pizza stone can be used inside an oven. While it can be used in a microwave, you have to use an industrial microwave since it has a diameter of 16.5 inches.

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