Best Patio Misting System Review

During high-temperature days, a patio misting kit will surely keep your family and you pretty cool and comfortable. Most homeowners in dry areas prefer this cooling device over regular fans. This misting kit is also very useful in keeping insects and pests under control. There are basically two types of patio misting kits. The first one is effective in providing a cool atmosphere with the use of low water pressure. This particular class gets you wet just like when you are in a rain forest. Misting kits under this type are also helpful to keep your plants hydrated within the vicinity. Another type utilizes high water pressure to cool the area. This is achieved by creating fine mist which instantly dissolves before it touches your skin. This type of patio mister is effective in reducing high temperatures to as low as 35 degrees. This technology does not produce humid residue on anything or anyone within the area.

Best Patio Misting System

The following best patio misting systems were chosen thanks to the ease of installation. Also worth considering are their capabilities and other uses. The price of the unit should be taken into account as well. But if it is important for you to create a cool ambiance without getting wet, the price will be out of the question.

Orbit 16055 Performance 1/2-in. PVC Mist Cooling System

Orbit-16055-Performance-Mist-Cooling-SystemIf you are looking for a low pressure misting kit, the Orbit 16055 Arizona Outdoor Misting System is worth considering. This patio mister works well with your standard pressured hose. It has a length 10-foot long but can extend up to 250 feet provided you have a strong water pressure. It comes with a ½-inch PVC pipe that perfectly fits with the enclosed PVC cement. This misting system is capable of bringing down the temperature by 20 degrees. What’s great about this product is that it comes with complete accessories needed to set up the system. This misting kit perfectly fits with every homeowner’s budget.

Fogco 50 Misting System Kit

If you are looking for the best misting system without looking at the price tag, the Fogco 50 Misting System Kit is your best choice. This patio mister is a bit costly but guaranteed to create a cool atmosphere. This model can provide a high pressure micro-mist that brings the temperature down by 35 degrees. This classy mister includes a high-pressure booster pump driven by a heavy duty pulley. It boasts to produce 1000 PSI of water pressure coming from the hose. The installation of this product can be done by you, as it also comes with a manual. But if you don’t have adequate knowledge in handling pressurized water connections, it is advisable to seek professional help. This patio misting system is quite pricey and complicated to install. But the benefits you will gain from this product will all be worth it.

MistyMate 16031 Cool Patio 30 Deluxe Outdoor Misting Kit

MistyMate-16031-Deluxe-Outdoor-MistingIf you are looking for a multipurpose patio misting system, the MistyMate 16031 Cool Patio 30 Deluxe Outdoor Misting Kit is the best buy. This product includes a ½-inch braided hose that you can connect to a pressurized hose. Once connected, you can use it to cool the surrounding area by 20 degrees lower. This outdoor mist system gives you an option to attach it to a high pressure pump for a cooler atmosphere. A significant reduction in temperature by 30 degrees can be attained with this mister. This misting kit includes a 30-feet hose, mounting brackets, adequate number of nozzles and other accessories to put the system to work. Basically, this is not a high pressure patio mister. But if the system is connected to a high pressure pump, a micro-mist effect can be effectively achieved. Not to mention the reasonable amount you will pay for this product.

Orbit 30060 – Arizona 3/8″ Misting System for Outdoor Cooling

Orbit-30060-Arizona-Misting-System-for-Outdoor-CoolingIf you only need a simple patio misting kit without some added fancy, the Orbit 30060 Arizona Outdoor Misting System Basic 3/8-Inch Cooling Set is perfect for you. This basic patio misting kit comes with built-in mister nozzles. The nozzles are attached to a 3/8-inch hose. The system includes hangers and can be set-up as soon as it is delivered. This patio mister extends up to 50 feet. When you attached it to a standard garden hose, it can be used right away. This product is low-priced and can be very easy to set up by any homeowner without looking for a professional help.

Portable Outdoor Misting System – 6 Nozzles 12 – 14′ Mist Zoon

Portable-Outdoor-Misting-System-NozzlesThis best patio mister is the leading low pressure system in the market. The pressure that this kit produces is dependent on the water pressure coming from your hose. This misting brand comes with a ¼-inch poly tubing that generates a pressure of 75 PSI at the nozzles. You can count on this misting kit to effectively cool the area by up to 30 degrees. This unit also comes in second among the low-priced misters in this list. To fasten the hose, this patio misting system uses simple but heavy duty clips. It has portability features that can be attached in virtually any area. This unit has a measurement of 12 to 14 feet with 6 nozzles. This model easily connects to a standard hose and requires minimum effort to assemble.

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