Best Outdoor Christmas Light Reviews

Best Outdoor Christmas Light

Look for the best outdoor Christmas lights to decrate your outdoor space during a holiday

When Christmas lights glow at night, the spirit of Christmas enters the home. You may hang some stockings or light a menorah or kinara, but the season will not be as festive if Christmas lights are missing.

Traditional light sets have gone through some changes in recent years. These lights saw more safety features added while LED string lights were used since they are energy efficient. Eco-friendly sets also entered the market while large C9 bulbs also emerged. These are some of the options you can consider to make your holidays festive.

Best Outdoor Christmas Light

You have numerous options if you are looking for to decorate the house with these holiday lights. We came up with a list of best outdoor christmas lights that can make your holidays bright and merry.

Best Of the Best: Noma/Inliten Holiday Wonderland 100-Count Clear Christmas Light Set

Holiday-Wonderland-100-Count-Clear-ChristmasThere are times when the most basic light set is the best. The Noma/Inliten Holiday Wonderland 100-Count Clear Christmas Light Set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. These small-sized incandescent bulbs can withstand the elements and do not overheat. Due to this, they are ideal for sprucing up the Christmas tree, mantle, and outdoors.

A 300-piece set is available for these Christmas lights to brighten up your home. You may also opt to use different colors for the lights. They are available in blue, red, multi-colors, and white.

The flexible and durable green wire makes it easy for you to decorate the Christmas tree. This particular set is around 25 feet in length. It can also be connected to three more sets. Two of the bulbs in the set blink. The set also comes with replacement bulbs.

Even as these bulbs do not last as long as LED lights, they are ideal for people looking for the traditional incandescent lights to brighten up their holidays.

Best LED Christmas Light: TaoTronics Dimmable Waterproof 100 LED String Lights

TaoTronics-Dimmable-Waterproof-Control-Multi-colorLED lights are ideal for indoor and outdoor decorations since they last long and are durable and energy efficient. The TaoTronics Dimmable Waterproof 100 LED String Lights are excellent string lights that are available in blue, green, yellow, and red. They can give your outdoor space or Christmas tree a more festive look.

These LED lights features ten settings that allows you to adjust its brightness and lighting modes. The different modes include flashing, fade, and strobe function, among others.

They are available in warm wide, and multi-colors. The set also features a 33-foot bendable and adjustable sealed copper wire. You can easily light up any holiday decoration with the set. In addition, it comes with a twelve month warranty in case you are not fully satisfied with the product.

But, you cannot connect these lights into another set of lights. Due to this, it is important to have a number of outlets if you want to cover a huge area with lights.

Best Icicle Lights: LEDwholesalers 16.4-Feet 120-LED Icicle Christmas Holiday Lights

LEDwholesalers-16-4-Feet-120-LED-Christmas-HolidayAn icicle light set strung on the roofline of your home gives it a better holiday feeling. The LEDwholesalers 16.4-Feet 120-LED Icicle Christmas Holiday Lights is among the best in the market. Aside from being safe and excellent LED lights, they are also available in three colors. These colors are warm white, white, and blue. While LED lights typically have a cool-blue glow, the warm white option gives your home that incandescent look.

These are perfect for decorating the exterior of the home. It has a length of 16.4 feet. They can also be connected to a total of seven other strings. The icicle strings can be hung at different lengths to give it a magical appearance. Their brightness is preferred by many reviewers since they provide an impressive lighting effect. It features a lightweight rubber wire that is both durable and flexible.

Best Projection Spotlight: 1byone Magical Laser Light

1byone-Magical-Laser-Christmas-PatternsYou may also opt to get Christmas lights that are easy to set up while giving your home an impressive look. The Magical Laser Light from 1byone can light up an area as big as 2,100 square feet. It makes your Christmas tree look impressive. These lights can also provide your home a red star lighting effect. They come in two color options and patterns as well as ten lighting effects.

These lights can be used inside or outside the house. Setting them up is also easy. You can just install the units on the yard stake or base included in the set. Then, position them around 25 feet away from the display surface. After allowing them to warm up for a few minutes, they can make your home glow and glitter.

The Magical Laser Light from 1byone also features an ambient light sensor. The sensor turns on the laser once dusk comes. It also shuts it off after six hours. This laser light is ideal for you if you want to light up the house without putting in too much effort in the set up.

Best Solar Christmas Light Sets: Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights

Lalapao-Powered-Lighting-Waterproof-ChristmasSolar powered holiday lights are now more prevalent than it was in the past. The 2-Pack Solar String Lights from Lalapao allow you to light up the house with a warm white glow for at least eight hours. You can get two sets with the length of each set reaching 72 feet. They feature eight modes offering different lighting options. These magical lighting options are steady on, flashing, firefly twinkle, combination, slo-glo, slow fade, and sequential.

Each set features a solar power pack with a removable garden stake to make installation easy. It is easy to hide the dark green wire to enhance its appearance. The lights remain safe from the elements due to its waterproof housing. Even as recharging the lights requires the sun, you will likely appreciate its starry night glow at any time of the year.

Best Ceramic Outdoor Lights: Novelty Lights 25 Foot C9 Multi Ceramic Christmas Lights Set

Foot-Multi-Ceramic-Christmas-LightsThe Novelty Lights 25 Foot C9 Multi Ceramic Christmas Lights Set provides a retro glow in the home during Christmas. It features opaque red, green, yellow, and blue bulbs that can decorate rooftops and trees. This brings back childhood memories and your favorite holiday films. These ceramic Christmas lights give you that retro feeling during Christmas.

The three-inch ceramic bulbs installed on a 25-foot long black wire have an intensity to light up the area. You can also connect the set with two other sets to give it a total length of 75 feet. They come into a number of color options. These color options are white, orange, purple, yellow, red, green, and multi-color. You can use any color combination to decorate your home. Even as C9 bulbs emit more heat compared to mini sets or LED lights, these are safe for use either indoors or outdoors. They have a burn time of up to 3000 hours. But, it is advisable to keep a spare in case any of the bulbs break or burn out.

Best Animated Light System: Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas

Mr-Christmas-Lights-Sounds-OutdoorThere are a number of Christmas light enthusiasts who want their lights to synchronize with their favorite Christmas songs. The Mr. Christmas Lights and Sounds of Christmas are ideal for this purpose. You have twenty holiday tunes available. They also feature six outlets that can power up to 7,200 lights. Due to this, you can create complicated yet entertaining light displays. You can set them up inside the home or at work. These lights also feature volume control. You also have the option to select the songs that play. It can also be set to play the songs randomly. The protective waterproof covering also ensures they can withstand harsh weather conditions. It protects the controls and outlets of the lighting set.

The set comes with traditional Christmas songs. In addition, it also comes pre-loaded with some Trans-Siberian Orchestra tunes. You will see the light synchronizing with the holiday tunes as they light up your home and bring in the holiday spirit.

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