Best Mouse Poison Reviews

Mice are a common pest that attempts to infiltrate the home and surrounding areas. But, with such a varied range of pest control products it isn’t easy to decide on what to purchase. Traps are often ignored by mice, so the preferred method is the use of poisons to eliminate the mouse infestation.

The formula for the poisons is based on either disruption of the nervous system or the use of an anticoagulant. The intention of the nervous system disrupters has a negative impact on the electronic controls of life. This leads to the nervous system shutting down. Once ingested, the anticoagulants lead to internal bleeding which effectively put the mouse into shock and shortly dies while feeling no pain.

Similar to other poisons, this product must be kept in a safe location and out of reach of children and pets. Also, basic safety precautions should be taken like wearing gloves.

Best Mouse Poison

The best mouse poisons listed below were chosen for a variety of reasons, such as affordability, ease of use, and most effective. Bait packs are highly rated because they help to contain the poison until consumed. This is a nice safety feature for nearby kids and pets.

Havoc Di-Kill Pellets 373421

di-kill_pellets_lgThey are seen as the highly effective and an up-to-date anticoagulant poison. The pellets come in a tiny pouch that attracts the mice who are poisoned in the event of gnawing through the packet. This is fast acting and works with a single feeding. The pouch is difficult to open minimize the risks of children or pet getting access. Plus, it is fully labeled with safety guidelines. Place the pouch in the popular mouse runs provided they are in out-of-the-way places. Also, they are used in the home or outside in surrounding areas.

Tomcat Mouse Killer

Tomcat-Mouse-KillerThe Mouse Bait Station by Tomcat is one product with a safe poison delivery system. The active ingredient in the poison is bromethalin which is known to attack the nervous system of mice. It is kid and dog resistant and packaged in a tamper proof box. It has a convenient clear lid to easily check to easily check whether the bait is still there. If consumed, it is simply a case of disposing of the entire bait station. Even though its effectiveness is second to none, this isn’t an antidote for bromethalin which stops this product getting the top rating.

Bait Pellet Place Packs by d-Con

mousebaitpacks_235The d-Con is a famous brand that is known and trusted in the industry. This product helps to eliminate mice in the most humane way possible. it relies on anticoagulant brodifacoum to attack the pests, but Vitamin K can be used to detoxify is consumed by our pets. The packet of bait is place on the floor with the intention of the mice gnawing through the package to reach the poison. Use caution when placing the package. A quiet and out of reach place (between walls or behind appliances) where the mice are known to run is best. The bait packs are quite expensive, but the anticoagulant is highly effective and stops the mouse after a single feed.

JT Eaton 709-PN Bait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait

Eaton-709-PN-Rodenticide-Anticoagulant-PeanutThis best mouse poison is highly effective with its smell that instantly attracts the mice to the bait. This bait block has diphenadione and a further anticoagulant that will respond to Vitamin K in the event of need an antidote. It is fast acting a kills he mice after a single feed. The bait blocks are easily placed into a small space or behind appliances. Full bait stations are optional to protect the blocks for increased safety. Use the common mouse runs to increase the success rate.

Victor Fast Kill Disposable Bait Station 2 Pack M912

Victor-Fast-Disposable-Station-M912The best mouse killer is likely to be the easiest to use poison in our list of products. Bromethalin is the active ingredient of choice which disturbs the nervous system. While this bait in contained in a bait station, there is no promise that it is tamper-proof. For this reason, use extra caution to hide this bait because there isn’t a known antidote. A single feed is enough to kill the mouse. The bait is made with bakery grade ingredients to entice the mice population. Bromethalin is the most effective poison ingredient, but proper care is needed when using and handling.

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