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Moths were never a problem before, but time has changed and they have become quite annoying. Fortunately, moth traps were developed. They are effective in trapping both the pantry meal worm moths and clothing moths. Clothing moth is attracted to clothing fibers such as cotton, silk, felt, fur and hair to lay eggs. On the other hand, pantry moths are drawn to wheat and flour supplies. It is the larvae of these two types of moths that cause damage to the surface or to the source where they are attracted to.

The introduction of synthetic fibers has been a great constraint for the spread of moths in the wardrobe and cabinets. Since the larvae cannot feed on these kinds of artificial clothing materials. In the same manner, paper and burlap bags used to store flour have been replaced with sealed containers. This kind of containers keeps the moths from feeding on the food source, thus, preventing them to lay the eggs. But in cases where moths have inevitably entered your closet or the cupboard, moth traps are indispensable tools for their extermination.

Best Moth Trap

The following best moth traps are rated according to their effectiveness, safety of use, affordability and ease of use. All these traps are known to eradicate moths in the pantry and in the closet.

Moth and Pantry Pest Trap By Catchmaster

Catchmaster-812sd-Pantry-Moth-TrapsThe most effective and safest moth trap that you can buy in the market today is the Catchmaster Moth and Pantry Pest Trap. This glue trap is ideal for pantry moths as it uses a sexual pheromone to entice common panty moths of almost all types.

Its non-toxic chemicals are very effective for moths but are safe for kids and pets. Catchmaster Moth and Pantry Pest Trap are so easy to use. You simply open the package, set the triangular trap open and place it on a counter where moths can usually be found. You can’t find any other moth traps as safe, effective and easy to use as this one.

Springstar Clothes Moth Trap

springstra-moth-trap-261x300If you have a problem getting rid of moths in your wardrobe or cabinets, the SpringstarS1524 Jumbo Clothes Moth Trap will be very useful for you. It is a trap made up of sticky glue that contains sexual pheromone that attracts male clothing moths. The traps work best for three to four months before they are replaced with new sets. These traps come in power of two and must be used at the same time. This will guarantee full coverage of the area where clothing moths are found. To use this non-toxic moth trap, all you need to do is open the package and spread the triangular trap on the floor or in any location where moths frequent. And you’re on your way to a moth-free household.

Terro Pantry Moth Trap

TERRO-T2900-Pantry-Moth-TrapsAs one of the leading brand when it comes to insect control, TERRO came up with a solution to eliminate pantry moths. They formulated the TERRO Pantry Moth Trap made of sticky glue trap infused with pheromone. This non-toxic chemical attracts moths to get into the triangular folding trap. Similar to the top rated brand Catchmaster, it is also very easy to use and is safe even with kids and pets around. The only difference is the price where TERRO is a bit more expensive. But getting rid of these household pests is not a really question of how much you will be spending. Rather, it’s the effectiveness of the trap that really matters. And you can always count on a TERRO brand to do just that.

Clothes Moth Traps By Pro-Pest

Pro-pest-Clothes-Moth-Packs-TrapsIf you are looking for a top rated moth exterminator that’s infused with pheromone in a sticky glue trap, choose the Pro-Pest Clothes Moth Traps. It is an effective moth trap that is both safe and easy to use. This moth trap attracts the male moth only. This is a big help already as the female moth will have no mating partner to produce the eggs. You can place this kind of moth trap on the floor, in your closet or hang on the wall. Pro-Pest Clothes Moth Traps offer the same effectiveness as the other top rated brands, but this one cost a little more than its counterpart. To achieve maximum effectiveness, it is ideal to use two at the same time.

Whitmire Micro-Gen Pantry Pest Moth Control Pheromones Traps

Allure-Diamond-Shaped-Control-PheromonesIf you are not comfortable looking at moth traps lying around the floor, countertops or shelves, then this best moth trap is your best option. Infused with pheromone attractant, this sticky glue board is ideal for hanging. They are not as easy to use as those that can be spread on the floor or the countertops. But if you believe that you can trap more moths by hanging them on walls, by all means, choose the this one. These traps can last up to three months of use. But if they get filled with moths before three months, you can replace them with new sets. This will ensure a moth-free household in no time.

The Bottom Line

Our list of best moth traps can help you find a way to get rid of moths effectively and you can choose one of them to do that.

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