Best Misting Fan Review

Misting fans are great appliances at home especially during summertime. They provide a cool breeze around you without getting you wet. In buying the best misting fan, determine first where you intend to use it. You have to know that the misting fan for indoor use will not be efficient when used outdoor. Likewise, misting fan for outdoor purposes will not be ideal for indoor use. It will only drench the furniture around the room.

Best Misting Fan

Best Misting fans included in this list were chosen because of their capability in providing a cooling atmosphere, versatility, ease of use and worth the price you will pay.

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

best misting fanTopping the list is the Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Fan. It comes with three misting nozzles that effectively lower the temperature up to 25 degrees. This is the best misting fan for outdoor use. Place it on your patio, deck or when you’re working on your car in the garage. Simply attach a standard garden hose to the 9-foot hose that comes with your purchase. Connect the grounded GFCI rate three-prong plug to your grounded outlet. Then turn on the fan to feel the cooling mist it produces. This movable misting fan has three adjustable speeds. It also comes with automatic louvers that effectively sweep the misted air during oscillation. This misting fan has a state of the art design that looks when in operation. This outdoor misting fan has a sealed ball bearing motor. Its chassis is weather and rust proof and UV resistant. These features are counted on to extend the useful life of the unit. This Lasko misting fan is very easy to operate, efficient and a real bang for your buck.

Soleus Air MT1-19-32, Humidibreeze Portable Misting System

Soleus-Air-MT1-19-32-Humidibreeze-PortableIf you are looking for a uniquely designed misting fan and performs effectively as well, the Soleus Air MT1-19-32, Humidibreeze Portable Misting System is the best option. This misting fan is by far, one of a kind single speed unit that literally sprays water from a spinning disc. This portable fan comes with a 1-gallon water tank and has three mist settings. This ingenious fan can be used indoors and outdoors. To use, simply fill the tank with water, turn it on, choose the mist setting and enjoy the coolness. This fan is portable, so moving it from your living room to your patio or virtually anywhere is very manageable. This misting fan is best put on a mat or towel to absorb the moisture it may produce. This uniquely designed fan could have top the list if it had three fan speed settings.

Auramist AM11MF18-1 18-Inch Milo Misting Fan

Auramist AM11MF18-1 18-Inch Milo Misting FanPlanning to buy a misting fan that can be used in both outdoor and indoor areas? Then choose Auramist 18-inch Milo Misting Fan. This fan produces a dry mist. This misting fan may seem expensive, but it is really worth it considering its effectiveness. This fan stands at 50 inches tall and comes with three non-clogging nozzles at the front. This portable fan features three fan speed settings with a 90 degree oscillation. Another great feature of this fan is the adjustable mist output that you can set according to your preference. This fan comes with a 5.4 gallon water tank. When the tank is filled to its maximum level, it can last for more than five hours of reducing the temperature up to 30 degrees. This misting fan is efficient in producing dry mist. Thus, wet furniture or slippery floors will never be an issue.

NewAir AF-310 Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

NewAir-AF-310-Outdoor-Portable-EvaporativeIf you or your family members are sensitive to dust mites, you might consider buying a misty fan with ionizer. The New Air AF-310 Evaporative Tower Cooling Fan is the best choice. This fan comes with a built-in ionizer that purifies the air around the room. It is also very effective in providing a cool moist air. This cooling fan is designed for indoor use only. This fan significantly lowers the temperature in a 75 square foot room. When using this fan, wet furniture or slippery floors will not be your concern. This versatile mister operates quietly and will not cause any disturbance when watching TV or entertaining guests. It has louvers that oscillate efficiently in providing coolness all around the room. This fan comes in an elegant and space-saving design that can be placed anywhere in the room. This fan model has multiple speed settings and a one-gallon water tank. Not only that. It also comes with an ice tank to provide optimum coolness that can last for hours. For an indoor misting fan, this is your best bet.

NewAir AF-520 18-Inch Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

NewAir-AF-520-18-Inch-Oscillating-OutdoorIf you are looking for a misting fan solely for outdoor use, the NewAir AF-520 18-Inch Oscillating Misting Fan is the best buy. This fan boasts a number of features necessary for optimal use. It has a hose connection, multiple fan speed settings, height adjustment and a fully adjustable fan head. The pressure coming from the nozzle can be adjusted by turning the hose from low to high. This fan can be used as a watering fan for your potted plants when the pressure is set to its maximum. This misting unit adequately cools the air in the vicinity within 500 square feet without soaking anybody. It is also very easy to operate with its push button controls. This fan could have gained more popularity had it come with a built-in adjustable nozzle pressure setting.

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