Best Handheld Pool Vacuum Reviews

Pool vacuums are real necessities when you own a pool or planning to have one. It is ideal that you take the time to find the best model that suits your need and your lifestyle. Pool vacuums come in different sizes, shapes and cleaning capabilities. Some are perfect for picking up leaves on the surface of the water while others are excellent in gathering up dirt from the bottom of the pool. Other types can be used for all-around pool cleaning and others are dedicated to certain areas only.

Best Handheld Pool Vacuum

Best handheld handheld pool vacuums are those that are very efficient in taking out any kind of wastes, but are manageable to handle and easy to use. Dirtbags should also be easy to clean and has the capacity to hold a significant amount of rubbish. These features are important in order to allocate more time in collecting dirt rather than emptying the debris bags every now and then.

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Battery Powered Pool and Spa Cleaner

Water-Tech-Pool-Blaster-CleanerIf you are looking for a multipurpose pool vacuum, the Water Tech Pool Blaster Max tops the list. This pool cleaner works efficiently on concrete and vinyl pool surfaces. It is very lightweight at five pounds and becomes even lighter once submerge in water. This unit is operated with a rechargeable battery that can last up to an hour. This will be enough time to clean most standard pools. This pool cleaner comes with an easy to rinse collection bag. It is also very effective in drawing in virtually anything under the water, including algae. To use, simply add this cleaner to the other end of the pool pole and you’re all set to make your pool as clean as new.

Water Tech Pool Blaster Aqua Broom Pool and Spa Cleaner

Water-Tech-Blaster-Broom-CleanerIf your pool needs only occasional or spot cleaning, the Aqua Broom Battery Operated Pool Vacuum is going to be your perfect choice. Its appearance is somewhat similar to a house broom. This pool vacuum features great cleaning ability on the pool’s flooring. Although the debris bag is small, this unit will give you your money’s worth. This versatile model is very easy to use and runs on 5 “D” cell batteries. To keep your pool vacuum always ready for cleaning, get extra 5 “D” cell rechargeable batteries. So far, this is the most low-priced model in this list.

Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Li Pool and Spa Cleaner

Water-Tech-Pool-Blaster-Catfish-Li-Pool-and-Spa-CleanerIf you want the best pool vacuum but you are short of budget, consider getting the Catfish PPV Pool Cleaner. It has similar features with that of the topnotch model. This lightweight pool vacuum comes with an easy to clean debris bag. It can be operated using a rechargeable battery that can run for one whole hour. When using this cleaner, adequate caution is needed when turning it on or off. It is advised that you dry your hands first before turning the switch to avoid slipping. That is the only downside of this unit. But the key features and affordability of this particular model far outweighs such minor detail.

Universal Leaf Gulper Pool Vacuum

Universal-Leaf-Gulper-Pool-VacuumIf leaves inevitably get in your pool most of the time, then you must get a pool cleaner ideal for this kind of problem. The Leaf Gulper Pool Vacuum offers the best solution. This pool cleaner was originally designed to collect sunken leaves. But it also works efficiently in getting rid of all kinds of debris. This model comes with a large bag that can accommodate significant amount of leaves from the pool. To use, simply attach the cleaner to your garden hose and pool pole and you’re all set. The great pressure from the hose is enough to suction the leaves into the bag. This pool cleaner is ideal for concrete and vinyl pools. This sunken leaves collector is a real bang for your buck.

GAME 4855 Spa and Pool Vacuum

GAME-4855-Spa-and-Pool-VacuumThe GAME 4855 Spa and Pool Vacuum is the most unique among others in this list. It has no batteries, no attachments or extensions and is very easy to use. This spa and pool vacuum is capable of doing an excellent job in pool cleaning. It is operated by your effort and time only. To clean your pool, you simply work on the pump handle. Bring it up and down to provide enough suction power to the tip. This model comes with a leaf-skimmer, wide-end nozzle and a slide-on brush. This pool cleaner is also ideal for spas, above-ground pools and other inflatables. This pool vacuum may not be the best choice for use in cleaning big pools, but this unit will come in handy for spot cleaning purposes.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the best pool cleaner, there are many options. And you choose the right type according to your pool type, pool size, pool location and your preferences.

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