Best Garlic Press Reviews

best garlic pressCrushing garlic in the past required the use of the back of the spoon or even the side of knives. The chopping board and our hands normally end up infused with garlic. In addition, the smell of the garlic can last for at least a day. But, the emergence of the garlic press makes all of these a thing of the past. It makes crushing and mincing garlic easier.

Best Garlic Press

I made a list of best garlic presses featuring comfortable handles. These tools are also easy to clean. You can check out the items on this list and see which one is suitable for your needs.

ZYLISS Susi 3 Garlic Press

ZYLISS-Susi-Garlic-Press-NeedThe ZYLISS Susi 3 Garlic Press is a notable garlic press since it offers more features than ordinary garlic presses. Cleaning is easy due to its non-stick coating. You can easily remove the skins by moving back the handles. It has a large crushing bowl and is capable of simultaneously crushing three garlic cloves. You can easily mince garlic using the tool and avoid getting the garlic smell on your hands. It has ergonomic handles and an integrated cleaning mechanism. It can be washed inside a dishwasher and is a good tool for use in your kitchen.

OXO Good Grips Garlic Press

OXO-Good-Grips-Garlic-PressThe OXO Good Grips Garlic Press is a durable kitchen tool you can use to easily rush garlic. It is made of die cast zinc material and features a chamber big enough to fit large garlic pieces. This garlic press also features an integrated cleaner. Cleaning only requires flipping the handles over and rinsing out excess garlic. It has soft, arched handles that absorbs pressure while it is squeezed. It can be washed inside a dishwasher.

Trudeau Garlic Press

Trudeau-099-685-Garlic-Press-BlackThe Trudeau Garlic Press is a standard garlic press ideal for all garlic crushing needs. Using this kitchen tool makes it unnecessary to use a knife in crushing garlic. It is durable and allows you to easily crush garlic for any of your favorite dishes. Its handles are designed to make gripping comfortable. The tool also has an integrated cleaner to remove excess garlic inside. You can also wash it inside a dishwasher.

Calphalon Gadgets Garlic Peel and Press

Calphalon-Gadgets-Garlic-Peel-PressThe Calphalon Gadgets Garlic Peel and Press is an ideal tool garlic preparation easy. It can be used to peel and mince entire cloves in a single motion. The fine screen squeezes the garlic while removing its skin. It can be washed inside a dishwasher. The smooth handles are comfortable to use. It is a durable garlic press that comes with a free lifetime warranty.

Norpro 1163 Garlic Press

Norpro-1163-Garlic-PressThe Norpro 1163 Garlic Press is a reasonably-priced garlic press offering excellent results. It is a basic garlic press designed for people who want to easily mince garlic. The tool features a hinge that pushes garlic through holes. It is not necessary to peel the garlic before it is placed inside the tool. The tool allows you to use fresh garlic on your marinades or dishes. You can lift the hinge and remove excess skin to clean up this garlic press. It is recommended to hand wash this tool.

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