Best Fly Traps Reviews

If you want to get rid of flies in the safest possible way, your best option is to get a non-toxic fly trap. You can simply hang a fly trap in virtually any place around your house and let it do the job. The trap works by enticing the fly to land on its surface. Once its legs or wings touch the surface, there is no escaping anymore. When the bait is filled with flies, you can directly dispose it or reuse it again after cleaning.

Best Fly Trap

The list includes the best fly traps which were tested and proven for their effectiveness, ease of use, large qualities which are valuable than others. Most of them may possess equal effectiveness, so it boils down to fly traps that give the best value for your money.

Fly Web Fly Trap

Best Fly TrapIn choosing the best fly trap without counting the cost, you should get Fly Trap Insect Light. It has a sticky glue board inside the unit with an ultraviolet light that lures flies. You simply plug it in and let the fly trap draw-in flies. Once the glue board gets full, replace it with a new one. You can leave it for 24 hours in the socket to get rid of flies fast and easy. Since it is non-toxic, it is absolutely safe with kids and pets around. If you have a working socket in every room, this UV light insect trap can be transferred easily. But it is not ideal for outdoor use. So far, this is the safest and most effective fly trap that even restaurants and hospitals are using.

RESCUE! FTD Non-Toxic Disposable Fly Trap

RESCUE-FTD-Non-Toxic-Disposable-TrapIf you need fly traps in your porches, barns or other exterior structures, get the Sterling NFT-D Disposable Fly Control Trap with Attractant. This impressive trap comes with a fly attractant. Simply hang it in areas where flies swarm and leave it to work. Once the trap becomes full, replacing it with a new one is easy as it is very affordable. No messy cleaning and re-using is needed. Because this disposable fly trap is non-toxic, you can use it near animal houses or any spot infested with flies. To quickly and effectively eradicate the flies, you can use several of these traps simultaneously. Since it is not costly, that won’t be an issue. Although this fly bait is recommended for outdoor structures, this can also be used anywhere and will remain effective.

Victor M380 Fly Magnet Reusable Trap

Victor-M380-Magnet-Reusable-TrapIf you want a fly trap that is both reusable and environment-friendly, the Victor M380 Fly Magnet Reusable Trap with Bait is the best choice. It includes a bait that attracts all kinds of flies and other insects as well. There is a need for adding more of the mixture as the attractant power of the bait is reduced. After days or weeks and the trap gets full of dead flies, just empty it in the garbage. Clean it with water and it can be used again. Compared to the disposable fly trap, this one may require a little work for you to reuse it. But this is not a downside considering its biodegradable and sustainable properties. Since it is toxic-free, it is safe to use near human and animals’ dwellings. This fly trap is ideally best for outside structures like barns or areas where flies swarm. But it can be also used indoor if you are not particular with the unpleasant smell coming from dead flies caught in the trap.

Black Flag Window Fly Trap, Once They Land They Never Leave. 4 Traps

Black-Window-Never-Leave-TrapsIf you are considering of buying a fly trap that is very effective yet so easy to use, you should get this best fly trap. It comes with a thin film of sticky substance that effectively traps flies. When a fly walks over it or lands on the film, it gets stuck immediately. Since flies are attracted to a light source, this is best placed near windows and doors. Simply stick it in areas where it is bright and warm like the back door glass, windows and screens. As flies go toward the light, they inevitably get trapped in the bait. This fly trap is non-toxic which can be used both indoor and outdoor. This fly bait is recommended for indoor purposes as it effectively lures flies and can be easily replaced once full. Although applicable for outdoor use, this may not be practical as flies are too much to handle for this fly trap.

Tat Fly Paper Ribbon, Non-Toxic, Catches All Flying Insects

Ribbon-Non-Toxic-Catches-Flying-InsectsIf you are looking for a fly trap that is both powerful and provides the best value for your money, you should opt for TAT Fly Paper. This fly trap is very easy to use, by simply hanging it in areas swarmed with flies. Flies tend to perch most of the time, and there’s no easy place to land than the hanging fly paper. If you are running on a tight budget, this fly trap will definitely pass. It is a non-toxic adhesive coated on a paper. Since they are very affordable, you can get several sheets and hang them in barns or other exterior structures infested with flies. When the fly trap gets full, you simply dispose it and replace it with a new one. With this effective and cost-saving trap, getting rid of flies is just so easy.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best fly trap to get rid of flies, our selection above can really help. They are effective and easy to use.

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