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best fly killerFlies are considered as one of the oldest and most numerous insects to ever populate the earth. They have been around since the Age of Dinosaurs or even earlier than that, who knows. There are more than 100,000 fly species roaming the earth, but the most common one is the house fly. Houseflies have been pestering humans since time immemorial. Good thing, fly killers have been invented to eliminate these pests.

Best Fly Killer

Here’s a list of the best fly killers in the market today. Several factors have been considered in choosing the best products for it to be included in this list. Product features such as effectiveness, ease of use, number of flies it can kill in a given time and affordability were given points.

Enoz Fly Swatter

Willert-Home-Products-R37-24-Swatter01jpgIf you want to get rid of flies using a fly killer which is much safer for you, your kids and even your pets, use the Enoz Fly Swatter. It is non-toxic, inexpensive but effectively kills flies. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs, but the most durable ones come in metal handles. Swatting is done with great energy using this fly killer. Flies react to air pressure and what they see. Since the head of Enoz Fly Swatters are made of holes, it can trick the air pressure sensor of flies. With a swift swatting motion, there is no way a fly can escape the fly swatter. This device has been used over the decades and proven to be effective as compared to all other methods in killing flies.

Aeroxon Window Fly Killer

Tanglefoot-2PK-Window-Fly-Killer-300x300The Aeroxon Window Fly Killer is by far the most effective and one-of-a-kind fly killer you can get. This fly killer is attractively designed in butterflies or flowers that can be attached in your window panes. This unique fly killer has Azamethiphos pesticide embedded in its surface that flies can feed on. This type of pesticide obstructs the nerves that connect to the brain, organs and all parts of the body. Thus, when a fly gets in contact on the surface of the fly killer and ingested a significant amount of the pesticide, it dies within a few minutes. On the other hand, these chemicals used as bait for flies are safe for humans. But for added protection, stick the Aeroxon Window Fly Killer on the top portion of your windows. Far from the reach of your children and pets. These fly killers can be effectively used to kill the common house flies up to six months.

Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper By  Aspectek

Aspectek-6000sqft-Electronic-Commercial-eliminatorTo get rid of annoying house flies using a non-toxic fly killer, the electric fly killer is the best option. It is powered with a 20-watt black light that attracts flies without fail. Once it flew into the electronic grid, it gets zapped with its electrical current. Because this fly killer is made up of non-poisonous and non-toxic materials, they can be used anywhere around the house. In the kitchen, living room, bedroom and even near kids and pets. Although the electric current running on its grid is not alarming, ample caution is still needed. Make sure to unplug it before moving from one area to another and when cleaning it. You can place it on top of the table or hang it through a hook attached to the ceiling and let the zapping begins. The dead flies are then caught in the built-in removable tray for easy cleaning.

Raid Flying Insect Killer

Raid-Flying-Insect-Killer-InsecticideIf you want a fast-acting fly killer, let the best insect killer do the work for you. The innovative killer contains the synthetic Pyrethin which has the same formula to that of neurotoxins Phenothrin and Prallethrin. However, the amount of toxicity found in this insect killer is concentrated for flies only and is insignificant to humans and pets. But it is advisable to leave the room for a few minutes after spraying so as not to inhale the odor of the insect killer. This is ideal for killing flies individually that comes in contact. You can rely on the effectiveness of this best fly killer to kill flies within seconds after sprayed on directly. It is your best option for an inexpensive fly killer with optimum killing power.

Final Fly-T Horse Fly Spray By Prozap

Prozap-Final-Fly-T-Horse-SprayIf you are looking for a naturally-based fly killer, Prozap Final Fly T with pyrethrins is an excellent pick. Derived from Chrysanthemum flowers, pyrethrins are non-toxic but efficient fly killers. They are also safe for humans and pets alike. When using Prozap, you should observe proper handling. Wear gloves and face mask to avoid inhaling the fumes . To use effectively, it must be sprayed directly to the fly. It is water soluble and can be rinsed off easily because it is made up of natural compounds. Prozap can be bought in ready-to-use spray or in bulk and mixed for garden sprayer needs. Buy it in volume for a fair value of your money. Its effectiveness can be relied on even on your barns and outdoor structures.

Our Suggestion

When it comes to choosing the best fly killer, you have various options. You can use an electric fly killer, a fly swatter or a fly poison. Our list has covered these options for you and you can easily choose one of them according to your preference.

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