Best Faucet Water Filter

Faucet water filters are perfect for those who don’t want to install a more expensive under sink reverse osmosis system or those who doesn’t have enough under counter space. It is really a simple and affordable way to access pure water. Once you have installed a faucet water filter, you can get filtered water right away as soon as you turn on the tap. And you don’t need to keep track of filling up your dispensers or pitchers. Plus, it is so easy to install without any tool or expertise needed. It is so affordable to buy a new one and the maintenance is also affordable and convenient.

However, for purifying water, obviously, faucet water filters are not the ultimate solution, because if improperly installed, they are prone to leaking and water needs to pass through the filter, so water flow will be considerably slowed down. Plus, because of their small capacity limited by their size, you need to change their filters frequently. If you happen to use hot water without turning off the filter, the filter may be damaged and its lifespan will be shortened.

When it comes to choosing the best faucet water filter, the one you choose can do its best to overcome these problems, even if there is no perfect single system. We have chosen the top 5 best faucet water filters for you to choose from. Each of them has a switch which allows you to choose between ordinary tap water and filter water. This design helps to extend their lifespan. The water flow is also good, so you don’t need to wait for long to fill up a pitcher, dispenser or other large containers. They are also very easy to install and use. The installation doesn’t require any tool or knowledge of plumbing. Compared with other types of water filters, they are very inexpensive, so you don’t need to worry about breaking your bank.

Culligan FM-15A Advanced Faucet Filter Kit

best faucet water filterThis best faucet filter is very popular because of its excellent performance, simple design and affordability. It is a basic filter, but it is also NSF Certified. And it is able to reduce unpleasant tastes and odors. And it is also effective to reduce the overall amounts of chlorine, cryptosporidium, giardia cysts and lead in the tap water. This filter can offer you up to 200 gallons without replacing its filters. How long it can last depends on how much filtered water you need every day. Generally, it can last for 2 to 6 months.

It also includes a switch. Therefore, you can turn off the filter if you need regular tap water. And this can also help extend the lifespan. For example, if you use hot water, you can turn it off and this can protect your filter. The cost of filter replacement is also very low, so it will not be a burden to you. Consider its reliable performance, it is deserved to have.

DuPont WFFM350XCH Electric Metered 200-Gallon Deluxe Faucet Mount Premium Water Filtration Filter

dupont-wffm350xch-electric-200-gallon-filtrationThis faucet-mounted water filter comes with server convenient features, so it is very convenient to use. It comes with a 4-year warranty, and a switch is also included to turn on/off the filter. Plus, it also comes with an electronic display, so you can easily read how many gallons of water it has handled. This filter has a capacity of 200 gallons and can last about 2 months on an average use. Of course, the specific time depends on how much water you will use every day.

The filter in this faucet filter is a 4-stage faucet-mounted water filter and it also can inhibit the accumulation of bacteria in the water filter. It is also capable of reducing many pollutants and contaminants, including asbestos, chlorine, cysts, sediment, as well as lead. This filter can improve the odor, taste and clarity of your water. This filter delivers excellent performance and value at a price of around $30. You also can easily know the filter life on its electric display. In a word, a 4-stage water filtration system can offer you good smell and taste filtered water.

PUR Black/Chrome “Advanced” Vertical Faucet Mount

pur-chrome-advanced-vertical-faucetPUR is also a famous brand and their water treatment systems are also very popular, because they will not cost you much but offer you excellent performance. The capacity of this filter is less than others which have a capacity of 200 gallons more. Although its capacity is only 100 gallons, it claims to feature superior filtration abilities. This FM-3500B is proven to reduce up to 61 contaminants in water, including lead and mercury. Therefore, it can give better-tasting and pure drinking water.

Some users complained they experienced some leaking problems related its one-click installation, but these problems are mostly caused by incompatible faucet or improper installation. This filter doesn’t influence the water flow too much. It also has a LED indicator which can remind you when you need to change its filter replacement. A modern design with a black and chrome finish makes it suitable in your kitchen.

Instapure Brands F2BCTU-1ES Faucet Mount Water Filter Chrome

instapure-brands-f2bctu-1es-faucet-filterThis Brand Instapure is from a famous manufacturer Waterpik who offers high quality water flossers, shower heads and toothbrushes. This faucet filter is their first water filter, so they know what they are doing. They are not willing to damage their fame. Therefore, this filter is a simple and affordable faucet-mounted filter that can offer reliable performance.

The price is very low, but it has a modern design with a chrome finish. Therefore, it can easily fit the decor of your modern kitchen. This one doesn’t have an indicator to remind you of changing its filter, but a switch is included for you to engage and disengage the filter. This feature can extend the filter life. Generally, this filter can last 3 months at an average use. If you use more water every day, it will last shorter. NSF certified, this faucet water filter can effectively reduce bad odor, taste, and chlorine in the tap water.

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter

culligan-fm-25-faucet-mount-filterThis Culligan water filter is a little similar to FM-15A which is much cheaper. The only difference is the modern chrome finish. Most of the performance is similar. This FM-25 can reduce bad odors, tastes, lead and other pollutants in our tap water.

This faucet features a compact design, so it fits on most of kitchen faucets, and only takes up a little amount of space. The installation can be done without any tool. The capacity is about 200 gallons. It is estimated that this filter can last 2 months. However, different amount of water needed every day may influence its duration time, shorter or longer. What’s more, this filter comes with a 2-year warranty. Therefore, it is worth buying.

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