Best Fat Separator Reviews

best fat separatorFlavorful spices and gravy are always welcome in any meal. But, fat-filled gravy is something nobody wants. But, it is not easy to separate fat from gravy or sauces. While you can skim fat from the top, it can also reduce the volume of gravy or sauce you have for use. Due to this, a fat separator is important to have in a home or commercial kitchen.

Best Fat Separator

This list in the following features five best fat separators that can be considered as among the best in the market. They are durable and heat-resistant as well as hold up to four cups.

Kuchenprofi Glass/ Stainless Steel Gravy Separator

Kuchenprofi-Glass-Stainless-Steel-SeparatorThe Kuchenprofi Glass/ Stainless Steel Gravy Separator allows you to remove fat from delicate gravy or sauces. It has an intricate borosilicate glass design and features a lowered downspout to allow juices to be poured out easily. This tool is heat-resistant and features marked cups for accurate measurements. It is capable of storing four cups of liquid. This kitchen tool also features stainless steel strainer. It is also made of high-quality glass that is heat-proof. This separator can also be washed inside a dishwasher.

Swing-A-Way 4-Cup Easy Release Fat/Gravy Separator

Swing-Way-4-Cup-Release-SeparatorThe Swing-A-Way 4-Cup Easy Release Fat/Gravy Separator is a durable kitchen tool that allows you to easily make low fat gravy and sauces. It features a four-cup capacity and measurements that are easy to read. Fat is drained at the bottom of this separator. The spring-loaded bottom allows separated fat to be released from the container. It is also microwave safe, BFA-free, and can be cleaned inside a dishwasher. Its lid can also be used in straining out lumps from the liquid.

Cuisipro 4 Cup Fat Separator

Cuisipro-4-Cup-Fat-SeparatorThe Cuisipro 4 Cup Fat Separator allows you to easily skim fat off the top of gravy and sauces. It makes the entire process of removing fat from gravy easier. This tool features a durable hard plastic construction. Its lid also has an integrated heat-resistant strainer. Spillage is reduced by its large rim. You can easily pour hot gravy or sauce through the lid to remove any unwanted lumps on the liquid. Fat is also blocked using its internal plug. After the fat is separated, it can be unplugged easily. This separator is also dishwasher safe.

Pampered Chef Gravy Separator

Pampered-Chef-Gravy-Separator-1188The Pampered Chef Gravy Separator features a distinctive design. It is capable of holding up to four cups of liquid. It features a flat, plastic divide that easily fits into the front part of the spout. A strainer is also positioned on the top to separate fat and juices without mixing them together. This separator also comes with detailed instructions on how to use it as well as a three-year warranty. It is advisable to hand-wash this gravy separator from the Pampered Chef.

Porcelain Gravy Separator from Tabletops Unlimited

tabletops-unlimited-porcelain-gravy-separatorThe Porcelain Gravy Separator from Tabletops Unlimited is a functional and stylish fat separator available in the market. It features an intricately-designed porcelain gravy separator that can be used as a serving dish. Its spot can draw juices out of its gravy boat and leaves behind the fat. This can be used for casual or formal events. In addition, it can be used inside a microwave, freezer or dishwasher. Aside from its elegant look, it is also durable. This separator is the most versatile tool in the market.

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