Best Donut Pan Reviews

best donut panWhile donuts made fresh at home are delectable treats, they can be quite unhealthy since they are deep-fired in oil. But, there are some baking pans specially designed to cook donuts in an oven. Baked donuts have the same fluffiness and lightness as fried ones. But, they do not contain too much fat. Similar to donuts from the store, you can add caramel, powdered sugar or chocolate toppings once you remove them from the oven. The five best donut pans we selected are made of high-quality steel, cast iron or aluminum. They heat evenly and can be used for a long period of time.

Best Donut Pan

If you are hunting for the best donut pan, our list of best donut pans can help you. They were chosen due to their overall performance, ease of use, prices, ratings, as well as customer reviews.

USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Donut Pan

USA-Pan-Bakeware-Aluminized-6-WellUSA Pans manufactured one of the pans on the list. It is a preferred company among professional chefs. The company manufactures among the best bake ware in the market. The Donut Pans of USA Donuts can produce six standard donuts and are made of aluminized steel. They can heat up faster than other pans in the market to reduce cooking time. The corrugated surface prevents the donut from sticking to the surface and reduces risks of burning. A specially-designed coating is used on the pans of USA Donuts to allow the donuts to easily slide from the pan after they are cooked.

Wilton 2105-0627 Doughnut Twist Pan

Wilton-2105-0627-Doughnut-Twist-6-CavityWilton is famous for their bake ware that come in different shapes and sizes. Due to this, the Six-Cavity Doughnut Twist Pan is a part of the list. The steel pan is capable of simultaneously making six full-sized twisted donuts. It can cook the donuts evenly and quickly. Its non-stick finish allows the donuts to easily slide into a cooling rack and allow you to start decorating. The pan also comes with a number of recipes you can use in baking donuts. Wilton offers a ten-year warranty, but the pan can last for more than ten years when you use it properly. In addition, the company also offers pans for candy cane-shaped, heart-shaped, mini, and regular donuts.

Norpro 6-Count Nonstick Donut Pan

Norpro-6-Count-Nonstick-Donut-PanWhen it comes to bake ware, Norpro is well-known for producing among the best in the market. The Nonstick Six Baking Donut Pan from Norpro is 13 inches by 8.5 inches, which makes it perfect for half or full size ovens. The pan makes six standard shaped donuts at the same time. Each donut has a 3.5-inch diameter. The non-stick surface of the pan can be easily cleans. While it can be placed in a dishwasher, it may be damaged when it is regular exposed to high humidity. The pan also comes with recipes to help you bake donuts properly.

Standard Doughnut Pan from King Arthur Flour

Norpro-6-Count-Nonstick-Donut-PanThe Standard Doughnut Pan from King Arthur Flour is a practical and user-friendly donut pan. It can simultaneously bake six 3.5-inch donuts. The pan features a non-stick surface and made of high-quality steel. It can adequately brown donuts and evenly. Even as the pan can be used in a dishwasher, hand washing makes it last longer. King Arthur Flour also offers specialty mixes that are ideal for their Standard Doughnut Pan.

Fox Run 4496 Non-Stick Mini Donut Pan

Fox-Run-4496-Non-Stick-12-CavityThe Mini Donut Pan from Fox Run is ideal for baking twelve donuts at a time. The pan allows you to bake donuts by the dozen with each donut measuring two inches in diameter. This is a perfect way to start the day. The donut pan is made of high-quality steel and can easily heat up donuts. The non-stick surface makes it unnecessary to put grease or oil on the pan before baking. While this heavy duty donut pan can be washed in a dishwasher, hand washing it allows it to last longer.

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