Best Children’s Board Game Reviews

board-gameBoard games allow people to keep themselves occupied while having fun with family and friends. Some games are educational that teach children to read, think critically, and handle money.

What are children’s board games?

Children’s board games are easier to play with than adult board games. These games come with a game board and game pieces. They also have rules players should follow. These games are enjoyable and keep children occupied and away from electronic gadgets.

Best children’s board games

HedBanz Game, Family Guessing Game

B003AIM52AHedBanz is a game that is designed for the entire family. This fast-paced game will require players to ask yes or no questions so they will know the character shown on a headband they are wearing. It has a simple premise and promotes creative thinking among the players. The game comes with six headbands, 24 chips, and 74 cards. It also has a timer along with a rule sheet. This game is in the Summer Toy List of Amazon and is an award-winning educational game. It is an Amazon bestseller and an Amazon’s Choice item. The game is also a “Best Rated” product on the website. It received over 1,500 five-star Amazon reviews. and Consumer Search both recommend this game.

Hasbro Connect 4 Game

Hasbro-A5640-Connect-4-GameHasbro Connect 4 Game is the no. 1 best-selling board game on Amazon. The objective of this two-player game is to connect four same-colored discs in a row. It is a strategy game that is easy to play. The game comes with a vertical board, 21 yellow discs, and 21 red discs. It also comes with instructions on how to play it. This game has over 2,300 five-star Amazon reviews. and NYMag recommend this game. The game is among top “Gift Ideas” and “Best Rated” games on Amazon. It is also among the “Most Wished For” items on the website.

Candy Land The World of Sweets Game

Hasbro-Sweets-Preschool-Amazon-ExclusiveCandy Land The World of Sweets Game may be an old game, but it is still popular. It does not require strategy or reading. This makes it ideal for children in preschool. The game comes with a game board, four gingerbread pawns, and 22 cards. It also offers instructions on how to play it. Players race along a rainbow path on the game board to the finish. The game teaches children color identification, matching, and recognition. This game is an Amazon best-seller and Amazon’s Choice product. It received over 900 five-star Amazon reviews. recommends this game.

Monopoly Junior Board Game

Hasbro-Monopoly-Junior-Board-GameMonopoly Junior Board Game is a child-friendly game with fun features, such as a skate park and an ice cream parlor. This game comes with single dollar bills. The rules are easy to understand to make the game simple to play. This game comes with the game board, four tokens, four character cards, a dice, 20 Chance cards, 48 Sold signs, and 90 bank notes. This game is a good way to introduce your children to the game of Monopoly. There are already a number of variations of the game in the market. This game received more than 900 five-star Amazon reviews. Ranker recommends this game.

Scrabble Junior Game

Hasbro-B0325-Scrabble-Junior-GameScrabble Junior Game is an educational game featuring letter matching and picture clues. The game is ideal for children learning to read. It also has an advanced level on the other side of the game board. The advanced level allows players to create their own words. This gives children the chance to learn more as they grow older. The game comes with the two-sided game board, four character tokens, and 105 letter tiles. It also has a game guide.

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