Best Attic Fan Reviews

best attic fanMany attics are hot, dry and feel much like a sauna throughout the hot summer days. Heat buildup in the attic makes it difficult to cool the home and may even cause damage to the roof materials. Simply installing an attic fan pushes out hot air to help save energy costs, reduces home deterioration and equalizes temperatures indoors. The fans are either gable mount or roof mount and powered by solar energy or electricity.

Best Attic Fan

If you are just hunting for the best attic fan for your attic, we have compiled a list of the best attic fans that include both power options and installation methods.

#1 Natural Light Energy Systems 36 Watt Roof Mounted Attic Fan

Natural-Light-Energy-Systems-MountedThe 30W Attic Fan by Natural Light Energy Systems is designed for roof mounting and is easily installed in approx 45-60 minutes. It installs to most roof types, including a wood shake, asphalt, sloped and flat. The solar panels are fully adjustable and power the fan via a 36-volt DC motor with the ability to shift up to 1,550 cu ft of air per minute. It is built to run in attic spaces up to 2,500 sq ft. The solar panel easily adjusts to the desired angle to get the best exposure. This type of energy system has the potential to qualify homeowners for the solar tax credit. Plus, it stops the build up of heat in the attic, which further helps to save on energy costs. It is packaged with a 25-year warranty for the solar panel, fan and fan housing.

#2 Ventamatic VX1000SOLARWG Solar Powered Roof Attic Ventilator

Ventamatic-VX1000SOLARWG-Ventilator-12-6-Watt-WeatheredThe Solar Powered Roof Attic Ventilator by Ventamatic is a further attic fan that relies on the sun’s energy to produce power. The 12.6W panel is designed to mount the home roof to easily capture the required energy to charge the 18V DC motor. It is very easy to install and requires no electrical wiring. It is built to work in attics up to 1,500 sq ft and easily moves up to 1,000 cu ft of air per minute. The Ventamatic fan is solidly built-in heavy-duty galvanized steel. Also, the actual solar panel is able to resist flying debris, impacting winds and hail thanks to the high-impact tempered cell casings. A steel mesh screen helps to protect the attic from unwanted pests. It is packaged with a 5-year limited warranty on its motor.

#3 Broan 353 Gable Mount 120-Volt Powered Attic Ventilator

broan-attic-fanThe Gable Mount Ventilator (353) by Broan is built with a 14-inch diameter steel-blade and a 3.4-amp motor. This attic fan is practical for a space up to 1,630 sq ft and easily shifts nearly 1,140 cu ft of air per minute. It has a convenient thermostat built-in and switches the fan on/off when the temperature is within 10° of the set range. It is highly effective at lowering the attic temperature, which means the air con system isn’t required to work so hard. It is packaged with a 1-year limited warranty.

#4 Cool Attic CX1500UPS Power Gable Ventilator Fan

The Power Gable Ventilator Fan by Ventamatic has the ability to work in the spacious attics of up to 1,850 sq ft. The 14-inch diameter fan can easily extract up to 1,300 cu ft of air per minute. It is installed behind automatic gable shutters or directly behind existing louvers in the attic. It is powered via a 20-volt connection and comes with an automatic, adjustable thermostat. The attic fan is activated and turns on when the temperature is in the region of 90 to 110° F. The fan continues to run while the temperature stays higher than the thermostat setting. It is packaged with a 2-years limited manufacturer’s warranty.

#5 Honeywell 527SHON103BLK 12-Watt Gable Mount Solar Powered Attic Fan

Honeywell-527SHON103BLK-attic-fanThe 12W Gable Mount Solar Powered Attic Fan by Honeywell is quick and easy to install. The actual solar panel mounts directly to the roof. It has a built-in 24V motor and 12W commercial-grade solar panel. This attic fan has an automatic thermal switch that turns on should the heat in the attic reach 85° F or more. Once the temperature returns to 65° or below the fan switches back off. It is designed to give complete DIY installation with no need for permits, inspection or electricians. The attic fan is packaged with a 20-year warranty on the solar housing and panel and a 5-year warranty on the motor.

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