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Ants are natural foragers. They travel far and wide to find suitable food to supply the colony, especially the queen. The ants attempting to find food can even include invading your home. Any leftovers or crumbs on the kitchen floor or countertop are appreciated. Any path they walk will leave a scent trail that is picked and followed by more worker ants. While it is possible to spot kill the few ants noticed, they are likely to keep returning until the nest is destroyed.

Best Ant Killer

Our list of best ant killers has the ability to not only attack the few worker ants, but also the entire nest and queen. They give you long-lasting results, are highly effective and easy to use. But, similar to any type of pest control always take extra care when children or pets are in the home.

PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits by TERRO

best ant killerThe PreFilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits by TERRO is made by a well known and widely respected brand. This is one of the best ant killers on the market. It is prefilled with the liquid ant killer in special bait stations, so no need to touch the bait. Simply put the bait station in a quiet area that sees ant activity. This TERRO product has borax as the active ingredient. This is slow kill bait that gives ants time to transfer the poison back to the colony. Slowly the colony and queen will be destroyed. Plus, this bait is a sweet liquid which is highly desirable to ants. In short, the TERRO liquid bait systems are the definitive choice.

Ant Killing Gel by Combat

Combat-Max-Ant-Killing-GramsAnt Killing Gel by Combat is a useful choice when you know the entry point into the home. This gel based ant killer comes in a syringe to make it super easy to apply anywhere. Place the gel in a known ant track way. Once noticed by the ants, they will instantly start eating it. This ant killer gel has fipronil as the active ingredient which attacks the nervous system. It is slow working to give the foraging ant’s time to return to their colony. This transfers the poison to other ants to effectively destroy the colony. Use this gel in the home or out in the garden.

Ant & Roach Killer by Raid

Raid-11717-Ant-Roach-KillerThe Ant & Roach Killer by Raid gets the job done in no time without any lasting effects. This is a spray-based insecticide from a trusted brand. This ant killer has a synthetic pyrethrin as its active ingredient and sourced from the chrysanthemum plant. This formula kills on contact. Plus, it contains an oil-like petrochemical to extend its useful effectiveness. Once applied, the spray stays active for 8-10 days. Any ant that touch the sprayed path during this time are killed. Use this product to eliminate an infestation of ants in the home. Its quick knockdown effect means it isn’t intended to kill the colony.

Compare-N-Save Fire Ant Killer Granules, 4-Pound

Compare-N-Save-Fire-Killer-Granules-4-PoundThe Fire Ant Killer Granules by Compare-N-Save is a potent choice for eliminating the fire ants. The active ingredient is bifenthrin. This is a type of pyrethrin-based element that attacks the nervous system on contact. It is simple to use. Pour the granules on the ant mound to kill the entire colony, including the workers and the queen. This product is intended for fire ants and isn’t likely to be much use for ants invading the home. Fire ants are typically seen in the southern United States.

Fire Ant Killer Granules by Compare-N-Save

Safer-Brand-51702The Diatomaceous Earth Powder by Safer Brand is one of the safest options to kill ants invading the home. It is child and pet friendly and doesn’t rely on chemical-based ingredients. It is even usable in organic gardens. This ant killer relies on powder-based fossilized diatoms. While it may appear to us much like tiny bits of grit, to the ants that walk over or ingest it, the powder feels like razor blades. The abrasive characteristics lead to moisture loss which kills the ants. Apply the powder to any noticed trackway leading into the home. It doesn’t kill the colony, but it is certain to protect the home. It is most effective in dry places. It is acceptable for indoor or outdoor use.

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