Best Adult Board Game Reviews

Classic board games like chess, scrabble and monopoly had their heyday many years ago. These days there are board games designed for players of different interests and skill levels.

What are adult board games?

Board games give you the chance to spend quality time with the family. They also allow you to have fun with friends. These board games come with a board and game pieces you use in the game. They also have rules to follow in winning the game. You can have fun while bonding with family and friends without having to spend a good amount of money.

5 best adult board games

Cards Against Humanity

Cards-Against-Humanity-LLC-CAHUSWhile Cards Against Humanity is technically a game of cards, it is still a good party game to play with friends. The game comes with 500 white cards and 100 black cards. It also has a rulebook. Every player gets to ask a question found on the black card. On the other hand, the other players give the funniest answer using their white cards. The objective is to give the raunchiest answer to get a good laugh out of everyone. This game is travel-friendly since it comes with a small box. Numerous online publications have recommended this game, including Bustle and Thrillist. It also has 30,000 five-star Amazon reviews.


B00U26V4VQCatan is a strategy game that has become popular in a short period of time. Players use source cards to conquer land. They trade, use cards or a lucky dice to acquire resources. A game typically lasts at least one hour. The game comes with 19 hexagonal terrain tiles, nine harbor pieces, and six coastal frame pieces. It also has 16 wooden cities, 20 wooden settlements, and 60 wooden roads. The game also has two bonus cards, four building cost cards, 25 development cards, 95 resource cards, two tie, 18 number tokens, and a wooden pawn. It also comes with a rulebook.

Catan is an award-winning game that is both an Amazon best-seller and Amazon’s Choice item. It is also among the top “Gift Ideas” and “Most Wished For” item on Amazon. The game received recommendations from Bustle, NYMag, The Wirecutter, BuzzFeed, and Good Housekeeping. It also has over 1,700 five-star Amazon reviews. The game also has 15 extension and expansion packs you can purchase if you get this game.

Days of Wonder Ticket To Ride

Days-of-Wonder-DOW-7201Days of Wonder Ticket To Ride is based on the story Around the World in 80 Days. The objective of this train adventure game is to collect cards that allow players to travel to different cities across North America. These cards allow them to use different railway routes. The game comes with a game board, five wooden scoring markers, 144 illustrated cards, and 225 colored train cars. It also has train miniatures, help cards, and its own rulebook. This is an award-winning game that is among the “Best Rated” products on Amazon. It is also an Amazon’s Choice item and Amazon bestseller. The game received more than 4,000 five-star Amazon reviews. This game also received recommendations from NYMag, Good Housekeeping, and The Wirecutter.


Czech-Games-00031CGE-CodenamesCodenames is popular in many countries around the world. Each player has a codename and they try to become the first one to figure out the identities of the other players. The game has 16 agent cards that come in two colors. It also has a double agent card, assassin card, seven innocent bystander cards, and 40 key cards. This award-winning game also comes with a rulebook. It is among the top “Gift Ideas” and “Most Wished For” items on Amazon. This Amazon bestseller is also among the “Best Rated” items on the website. It received over 1,900 five-star Amazon reviews. The game also comes with recommendations from Bustle, The Wirecutter, Popular Mechanics, Good Housekeeping, and NYMag.

What Do You Meme? Party Game

What-Do-You-MemeWhile What Do You Meme? Party Game is basically a board game, it is popular during parties. It also made a good impression on social media. The objective is to pair a caption card with a photo card to create the most hilarious meme. This game comes with 75 quote photo cards, 360 caption cards, and an easel. It also comes with a set of rules. The game is ideal for people who leave memes. It can be played by groups of different sizes. Since it has its own box, the game is travel-friendly. It received over 4,000 five-star Amazon reviews. The game also received recommendations from Bustle and Good Housekeeping. Numerous expansion packs that are ideal for different interests are also available for this game.

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